How Instinct & Intuition Guide Us

Old friends are like Lego pieces… You can find one in the strangest place years later and it fits just like it did when it was brand new.

The weekend we decided to be adventurous:

It was raining cats & dogs and my home girls and I had decided to be a little adventurous and head out to Manori…Packing a few clothes we decided to regroup late evening. (I suppose late evening was something that never scared us Mumbaikar gals as we always felt safe or capable of taking care of ourselves … Common sense and instincts / sensors were our best guides. When we sensed danger, we listened to it).

We took the bus, then the ferry across … we checked into a room which costed us Rs. 400 which was supposed to be Rs. 800. Thrilled to have saved the extra 400 bucks 🙂 Sometimes the wrong season is the right reason for budget weekend getaways 😀

We entered the room completely drenched … As we had to wade through knee deep water to get to the shack. Inside the room, dripping wet, the 3 of us looked at each other and started to haggle on the subject of “Should we change and stay in ??? Or should we go to the beach…???” Linsley reasoned well … She explained saying that “Well … we are here anyways for the beach … Or else we could have just stayed home … Let’s go out, have some fun and then dry up”… Waiting to check Malaika’s reaction, we all agreed.

Wading through the flood waters and scared also of possible dangers as we couldn’t see a step around us nor possible creatures of the wild that we could have had encountered. (trust Linsley to always come up with ideas like using a stick to lead the way by poking it down ahead of us before taking the next step, so that we don’t fall into a hole).

We finally reached the shoreline … We thought the tide was rolling in … we were in the middle of the ocean with just the moonlight to guide our path. We found a spot on some rocks and almost frozen from the cold rain, the 3 of us faced each other, teeth chattering and just listening to nature. It was thundering and lightening (every strike of lightening that sparked the sky was scary and also exciting … I looked at Linsley and then Malaika and bursted out laughing, seeing me laugh they began to laugh too … No one spoke but I suppose we all knew each other’s thoughts … Finally pushing a few words through the laughter I said “every strike of lightening is making the hair on your head stand” they laughed and said “yours too”
And we all bursted out laughing again, uncontrollably … It was awe inspiring and funny too 😀

After a while, we decided that it would be better to go back, the ebb and flow of the tide, the water engulfing us … the static of the lightening and thought of possible bad outcomes (without really speaking it out loud) made us agree to go back.

Such a powerful force … Lightening passing waves unnoticeable till it had human contact on earth.

Powerful is also your thoughts (unnoticeable) and yet understandable to the other person and his or her thoughts being understood without speaking.

Tides rise and fall (gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth.) Energy that can be felt, sensed (seen) and transmitted to the human body…the understanding of the what could go wrong and making decisions based on instinct to retreat. Better not to drown by the tide or get fried by the static electricity of lightening. But, boy oh boy, it was worth venturing into the stormy night to see natures phenomenon, an experience, we still on occasion reminisce about.

When you have a close bond you can pick up where you’ve left off years later. You can understand without being told and you will never judge or keep a grudge cause you get & feel each other.

Instincts are your best guide sometimes.

Wiki says:

A baby leatherback turtle makes its way to the open ocean
Any behavior is instinctive if it is performed without being based upon prior experience (that is, in the absence of learning), and is therefore an expression of innate biological factors. Sea turtles, newly hatched on a beach, will automatically move toward the ocean. A joey climbs into its mother’s pouch upon being born. Honeybees communicate by dancing in the direction of a food source without formal instruction.

Intuition a phenomenon of the mind described as the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. The word intuition comes from Latin verb intueri translated as consider or from late middle English word intuit to contemplate. Intuition is often interpreted with varied meaning from intuition being glimpses of greater knowledge to only a function of mind; however, processes by which and why they happen typically remain mostly unknown to the thinker, as opposed to the view of rational thinking.

What is better to go through it bravely and look back at it as a learning experience or imagine it and then go through taking measures based on possible outcomes from instinct & intuition ???

We must do both depending on the situation. Be brave but also not stupid 🙂

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