On Leadership & Respect

If leadership is about respect … How is respect gained ?

Great leaders are always necessarily well liked, respected for the way they lead and make those around them better.

Confident – Calm – Knowledgeable, 3 attributes I find myself looking for in my leader.

Of course respecting someone also comes from their moral conduct, their audaciousness. A leader would take a bullet for the team and their impact lasts for decades. They give respect and thereby earn it. They help you find your way and in that, find theirs 🙂

Learning from your mistakes and being vulnerable is an essential part of leadership. Even the Big G instead of holding his head about the fallen angels, drew a plan instead.

Imperfection helps others realize that they too can be leaders and that they should not give up easily in times of adversity. Thus becoming resilient to the point of achieving a higher state of perfection for themselves.

If they have missed the bus, then maybe, that drive to the point of achieving a higher state of perfection is what we call motivation today. It’s probably why we have evolved from Tribalism to Nationalism to Globalism today. Cause we are constantly seeking the new, perfect us 🙂

Somehow we are all wired to think that depicting perfection helps us to be better leaders but it’s not … It’s a pure heart and how you change a negative into a positive outcome.

There’s nothing worse than being in denial of your goof ups 🙂 Better to accept and change rather than pretend they are nonexistent.

I hope to hear what you have to say … how do you think a leader can gain respect ?

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