God’s Little Angels

God’s Little Angels

I have been way fortunate to meet with some really nice people I call ‘God’s little angels around us’ … One of them was a taxi-man from Pakistan

What an amazing man ! When I handed my phone over to him with the location map, he took some time to figure out the direction we were supposed to go to, and then explained to me that he knew the area but was not sure which route would be best. Finally, after questioning and clarifying he understood the exact building that I had to reach he recommended the shortest, fastest route.

Nodding my head in approval we took off.

While driving, he noticed me swap my shoes from flats to heels … I honestly do believe in comfortable footwear and have come
to realise that sometimes discomfort changes ones thoughts to focus on the discomfort rather than overthinking things. My heels give me length like a calm mind gives unrehearsed answers.

When he came to know I was headed for a meet he gave me a really good tip which am gonna translate to English “Madam” he said “if you really want to impress the person you are going to meet, talk about the negatives and positives of whatever is asked. Elaborate your story so that they get a compete ide”.

I would just like to say that this guy is a genius. He knows more about values than so many high profile people I’ve met.

Further explaining “if I ask you where you want to go and you give me a direction in a very straight phlegmatic way, I might drive you elsewhere. It is therefore important for me to clarify, tell you the various routes, the positives and negatives of each and let you decide which route you want to take to reach your destination.

Your life
Your ride
Play it Be confident

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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