The Bird with the Broken Wing

There was a bird flying freely in the sky … One day she had a fight with other birds and damaged her wing. She fell crashing to the ground…struggling to get back on her wings and in the air… she hopped to the side in an attempt to take shelter.

A man sitting at a distance seen this little bird. He admired the tenacity of the bird…he decided to take her home and care for her … After a while her wings healed … And she could fly again … she was full of vigor.

The man loved the bird very much and could not bare to think of losing her, so he closed all the windows and doors, so that she would not fly away. The little bird wanting her freedom kept flying straight into the glass and falling down, seeing this the man thought that she would surely hurt herself and considered it better to clip her wings and put her in a cage so that she stays, doesn’t leave or get hurt.

After he did so … The bird sat sad perturbed and finally losing hope coiled herself in the cage, she kept practicing to fluff her wings, but had no space in the cage and was unsure if she could even fly again.

Days later the man saw the bird and realized she was unhappy and had lost all her vivacity for life. What she was then, when he first saw her … fighting and fearless…was not what she was anymore … He thought since her wings are clipped anyway, why not let her fly in the house and so he opened the cage and windows … hoping that a little freedom will bring her back to life.

Little did he know that this Little bird had become Strong and the moment the cage and windows were opened, she flew away … The man tried to call her back but she wanted her own space and freedom. When he almost gave up … She flew back, almost to say that she will always be around him and to show her unbounded loyalty to him who helped mend her broken wing and set her free.

(CC 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez)

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