The Gatekeeper Out of Nowehere

On Finding Your Path

The Gatekeeper

In the middle of nowhere still searching for somewhere she got off the metro and walked straight down Exit 1 – which showed her the supposed destination of a possible game change.  Walking down the street intertwined purpose to reality. There, stood she with the only hope of knowing how, by maybe through the Gate Keeper who stood randomly off course as it seemed.

A couple asked the Gatekeeper ‘which way to the mountains?’ … The older gentleman asked ‘which way to Fountains and the Deeps’?

Kindly, the gatekeeper pointed out the way for both.

She then asked “which way to the stars?”

He pointed to the express line intertwined between nowhere and somewhere in between the mountains, fountains and deeps and said if you go too far or if you are too close you will lose sight. But the express way will take you there. She thanked him for the tip, smiled and was ready to make logic of insanity in finding the stars.

The Gatekeeper had the key – never tiring the mundane life of showing the way, whether the mountains, fountains, deeps or stars, he knew exactly what they meant and where they would lead. Yet he stood there knowing who would come back for a new direction, who would reach their destination and who would get lost.

When you try to shoo a fly away from the front it will fly further in. You’d have better luck if you chased it from behind, because it knows there’s no turning back.


(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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