Then & Now in Lucidity

My Then & Now is Here (Two Entrances)

Then & Now in Lucidity

I had a vision
I was in the midst of peace and serenity in my ancestral home.
I was told by grandma who was performing some ritual with mum.

Some herbal paste in the right palm, arms stretched open and to the dude, palms facing heaven.

I was told to get more herbs from the kitchen because the 1st batch dropped.

I was doing that while a young boy walking intrigued me. He had something in a pot he was carrying. When I called him he said it was fish. “Show me” I said.

He showed me slimy fish like eel snakes, but even more creepier & I said “no,
take it away we don’t eat this.”
But he kept throwing it at me.

Eventually, I left & went out to hand the herbs to grandma. She explained
the ritual for mum takes her to heaven so that she can check when is then and now and be with now.

I told her I wanted to know when is my then and now and to know if I am with now. She said you will when your time has come.

“I must know now”, I said.

She said – “Our whole family will go through it, not just you. Your too young and your then & now is here already”

“I want to test”, I said.

I took the paste, for it is what gives you the power to go beyond, like the elders do.

She let me, saying “you are curious and you won’t believe your grandma till you try, so go ahead do it”.

Closing my eyes I started spinning really fast – afraid I said “I feel
like am losing control”, doubting I said “I think I don’t want to, I am scared”.

“Not to worry” she said “lose control”.
“But what if I get lost & can’t come back”.

“You’ll know then that you’re not with now – you need to be with now always”, she said.

“Ok”, I said, trusting but scared. Reassuringly she said “don’t worry we all have been through it just let go”.

I did, I span and span, I felt warm, dizzy, excited, out of control, above all things, and scared – it was an out of body experience. My soul rose & I was still holding on to my body but let go with grandmas reassuring words.

I rose beyond & I could see peace and serenity, clouds & purity. I kept going higher & higher.

Eventually I stopped and walked up to a bright stairway with an attic like door on the top. Fluffed clouds surrounded me, bright and white.

Reaching the top, opening it and scared not knowing where it would lead me, I took my first step and I was at peace. I see familiarity and all were there.

Happy to see me grandma said your then is now – you are in the right place 🙂

I smiled & awoke, thinking she is right!!!


Then: at that time; at the time in question; after that; next; afterwards.

Now: at the present time or moment; used, especially in conversation, to draw attention to a particular statement or point in a narrative.


(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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