Boundless Love

(The Realization Of Selfless Love)

I saw a vision you were with me in a warm, beautiful home with a corridor to the front door. The door had glass on the top and from it shone the setting sun. You led me to the kitchen just before the door on the right and in the room was a glass window shining through the light of dusk. On the table where I sat down upon, you poured me water, gave it to me and sat beside me, knowing that I was troubled and needed help.

I remember looking at you with such awe and reverence. I felt confident in the decision I was to make, only because I knew your wisdom, by your stature, contained, is always real. The wrinkles on your skin remind me that you know exactly what life takes you through and in so, you are able to guide me to the truth of my soul always, no matter how difficult it may seem to me, your tender touch tells me I will be fine. Engraved in my mind is not the matter discussed but the feeling it gives me every time I look back upon this vision. The feeling of being in the presence of a warm nurturing mother. A person who will never so much as give up on me no matter what. I want to cherish and relive it over and over again, even though the vision was just so quick, it makes me feel happy, at peace, knowing that I am not falling astray, knowing that no matter what the world brings to me, I will not go astray. Because every word unspoken and every moment not shared in reality with you, gives me the courage to move forward in my life knowing that the idea of you is there and I have felt your presence in my life.

I can experience you and I can imagine what it is to live without you and it brings tears down my cheeks. I know we are in different states and who is to know that we will meet or see each other. Special moments like these are short in reality too but memories are permanently etched, even if it is just a vision these feelings are real as much as you are real.

Tysilyn (CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

(Dedicated to JMB)

Further Reading & Reference : The Realization of Selfless Love


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