A Game of Chess

High above the mountains beyond the stars, sat the Mighty One, an observer to his creation, the universe. But today unlike the others he sat on the edge of his seat observing the drifter, a load carrier in a Game of Chess.
The Drifter was losing all hope for a crossover. Salvation seemed far-fetched as she waited for the Makers Move.
HE that says “as you wish” intervened with a positional sacrifice of the Queen. Was it a real or a sham sacrifice? This was yet to be realized as the game clock was ticking to its final seconds. While the gods waited with bated breath, that one last move could be a stalemate for the drifter yet.
The Buzzer rang loud and as she awoke, she smiled and said I chose hope, a bow to the creator for his mighty works.
“Thank you” she said “for I see a vision and it will come to fruition, I am convinced and no one can tell me otherwise”
The difference between Ego and Self Worth is that one is tried and holds firm in faith, the other is boastful and holds himself arrogantly high. The seeds of doubt is like the weed that strangles the seeds of faith. Let it be ∴ that we are motivating than strangling. (In lows, hold yourself up and keep your self worth, in high times bring down your ego.) Balance in life. 
In negotiation, Deadlock in Wedlock is a no deal for both parties. Both go out losers. What we must be looking for is a Win-Win situaation.
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(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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