The Night Before the Verdict

(On Letting Go & Springing Forward)

I see Satan in all his goriness, his hooves and fork like tail said it all … He came to me trying to take me away … But I screamed loud and said my knight is here …

Crying loud mother came to me and said ‘not to worry child, it was all a dream’ … I said ‘No Ma, Satan says he wants to take me … Morrows verdict scares me’ … ‘No child’ she said ‘you’re yet too young, I’ll sleep with you and come Morrow you’ll see all this would be just a silly dream’.

She’s right you know for Morrow came and all was well … Satan left and went straight to hell … For Mother said “calm down baby doll … only thee thou and ye will help you get over it”.

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez


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