Race 🏁 

On one of my travels to Mumbai, I met an Iraqi gentleman who was headed home after 28 years. He was pretty amazed that Indians speak good English. While asking me for help on setting his time to UAE and helping him access WIFI, we chit chatted and he told me how he was taken during the war by America as a POW and has been living in Virginia. He was just 17 then … He spoke about how he was working for a Shia Indian in a gas station and was saying that you guys (Indians) are really nice people. He also mentioned he learnt to speak English, but was not able to read and write the language and wanted help in knowing what time was his ongoing flight to Iraq. Then of course there are the biases*. A while later, a young Pakistani gentleman and another Indian from Delhi all concluded … we really don’t care which country people are from its more so the Political issues than us at the ground level. We are all one anyways. **One tree many names. We discussed about many of our ancestors who decided to crossover from the border for a better life and some that decided to stay put.

It got me thinking … what makes people rebel? Well … on the flight I saw exactly how this can happen. It’s when a person feels denied of their bit of heaven, and when you have many fighting for the same cause … well … what do you know … there’s a revolution! Let me give you an example of the carrier I flew with and the lack of service.

The crew was rude and thought they owned the passengers … I tried to enjoy the flight but every small bit of happiness was stolen by the horrible rude, atrocious behavior of the crew. After I finished my ale, I alerted for another … But no one bothered to come to my seat until they were returning and when she did the hostess said “sorry we are all out of beer” …  Her expressions were arrogant and so was her tone… When I said “ no worries, can I have some wine please?” … At first the purser was about to take the bottle out from under, till the hostess with him signed ‘no’. And then they both said … “Sorry we don’t mix drinks” … Hahahhahahha … I was shocked and appalled … I said “am sorry I am not 12!!!” … Disgusted and insulted at their response.

The worst part is since I started ranting about the service, they tried to be polite to me but were extremely rude to the others around me … Especially the Laborers who couldn’t speak English. The man sitting beside me was not even given the option of having alcohol. He was only given juice choices …  And later out of frustration he took out his duty free bag and removed a Chivas bottle and poured himself a drink…almost to sign a finger mockingly and say “if I want to drink I have my own and no one can stop me”

Should people be treated differently based on the clothes they wear or the language they speak? Love this quote I saw years ago on a friends e-mail.  “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler. How true!!!

And this is the very reason fights start out … Being treated unequally, being treated disrespectfully. When you have one person who speaks out for the opinion of others, you become a leader … From there who knows how the leader decides to take things … Whether to rage a war or fight for justice with peace. Think about it … it takes just one person to impact many in a negative or a positive way. And why does that happen? Well … because the thought process is selfishness instead of selflessness.

All am saying is that let everyone enjoy a bit of heaven on earth. It is only when an adult is treated like an adult that they will behave like an adult. Rearrange the letters in Race and you get Care 🙂 But do we really? IMG_5085

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

References & Further Reading:

* The biases

List of biases in judgment and decision making

** One Tree Many Names


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