The Story of Pearson Cork 

There once was a Pooh-bah named Pearson Cork.

O how he loved to think he rocked, while he sat on his dock.

Tried all that he could to torment his mules and went into a duel, with the one that rebuked.

For she knew he cared not, for that poor little flock.

O such a shame, for he loved his own fame, would call her lame, to the people in vein.

Used her secret password, Jubulum, and the Sacred Word, Abaddon to check on her pain, gave notions of insane, to the carousel games.

Shame on you Pearson Cork!!!

You could have tried to fix the block!!!

That ego you hold is no good for your soul.

She’s let it go, but you hold it so, the critique of her goal.

I tell you now O Pearson Cork; leave her whole, before she turns to a mole.

If you can’t help the pauper and give all you gotta, then pray, I say, please don’t stop her.

Leave her hale, while you be hailed, Mr. Cork of the dorks, the Snob of Nobs.

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez


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