Unconditional Love

Passion is short lived … What lasts longer is the in betweens the memories you build together.

She bumped her head last night … was drowning her sorrows with a bottle of wine … Went in a state unconsciousness soon after. 

Today she spent the day getting over the pain from the lump on the back of her & a hangover headache. 

Help me help me Omnipotent she shouts !!!

Maybe it’s time to be with you … “No it’s not” said her mum who met her in her state of unconsciousness last night … “I have revealed the secret to you now … Your big enough to know the signs !!! Use the book and you will succeed in all aspects of your life !!!” “But I need you to teach me … Maybe I need to be with you in this unconscious state” … “No” she said “you have everything and your father will teach you further … We always used the signs when you were small … Made it look like magic to you … Like Santa to a child. When you master the signs you’ll do the same to people around you”

Go back and Master the signs !!!”

Reads and References:

JackMoreno – Of Unconditional Love

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez


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