I just love this video – kinda takes me back to the days of college (3 years of my life where I ran and jumped into running buses & trains to take me from home to the station, station to home since the trains were always crowded in the mornings). I would take a return from Malad to Borivali and then traveled onward to Churchgate. I still cant believe I used to jump into these crowded trains. Ask me to do that today and my heart would be pounding, hands would get all cold for fear of missing my step (LOL). Dubai has spoiled me a bit 🙂 But one learns to survive in order to succeed.

My over an hours journey was never a concern. For most of my college life, my Walkman was my life, (I would always buy at least 1 cassette after reviewing it thoroughly at Planet M). Through 1st year my favorite was U2’s album – All That You Can’t Leave Behind . Then one day my Walkman got stolen 😦 along with a stash of Rs. 500 I saved over a period of 8 months  from my 10 buck pocket money dad used to give me for bus and snacks. (I remember – and so would the girls – 6 bucks a plate in the college canteen, would get us medu vada or misal pav – quite fulfilling, and sometimes,we’d treat ourselves to a 1 buck Sugarcane juice or have a 6 buck Bombay sandwich from the khau galli … Yummmm)

I remember, the day my Walkman was stolen – I was so disappointed, more so because that Walkman kept me motivated for college, a sort of a mood enhancer. (I thought to myself the person who robbed it didn’t know the pain I went through to save that money and the attachment I had to that Walkman, but eventually I learnt to let go and said maybe that person needed it more than I did).

Post which, though, I used to take the Virar Local back home with my college mate, Deepa. Whenever I missed the Borivali Fast train back home, she always managed to coax me to take the train with her, only so that we could have each others company for the long journey back home. The extra bit of effort I endured of  jumping off at Andheri station, (cause if you don’t jump off before it stops you are gonna get pushed back in) running across to platform 1 and taking the slow was never a bother.

Familiar faces is what you see when you take the same train every morning and then that kindness and understanding of getting up mid-way and offering a seat makes you a part of a group, who then become your train buddies. Ahhhh the ritual of the Mumbai Local Trains!

Ooo just want to say – the long journey gives you the best reflection time ever 🙂 and that’s what helps you dream, as you learn to struggle – survive – succeed 😀

Sometimes taking a step back let’s you breathe in the positive 😊 Stay strong your breakthrough is around the corner !!!



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