A Drive Down Memory Lane 

A while ago, I took a taxi to meet a friend. The taxi driver seemed rather upset and was muttering something … When I told him my destination he didn’t respond, so I repeated with a tone that asked if he knew what I was talking about. His tone seemed upset and frustrated and that led me to getting to know him and his life in a 10 Minute drive to my destination.

His story, except it was not a story it was HIS life, was that he was once a well to do man with a dream in his heart and a bundle of cash to start something new for himself. Sadly he said, when he put in all the money he had into the business he lost a chunk of it as his partner took it and fled.

Then came his step brother, and low and behold, unlike him, he was successful in his venture at the get-go. His brother hired and made him a manager paying him 6000 bucks … Over a period of time there was an argument, a demand and subsequent reject for a hike in pay, which led to him leaving and taking up a job as a cab driver.

While holding back tears in his eyes he explained with anger and frustration saying that his dad was the one who gave him the money … Sharing the wealth equally between the two … “My luck he said was bad and his was good … And today am stuck here working as a cab driver … Cringing about a passenger using my phone and finishing my credit. Everything in my life is a mess!!!”

I could relate and told him everything was not a mess … It is just one thing … And that is his regret of the past … Explaining that what is gone is done and dusted … That he has a choice to live in the past or to learn from his mistakes and change his future. 

I asked him “Is there any good living in regret ? Is it going to change the situation ?” and while he nodded his head and said no … He agreed, all he was doing was frustrating himself and eventually giving up on everything else, setting himself up for ruin, because that voice in his head reminded him of all his failures.

Guy Winch – Emotional Hygiene

Sometimes you go by word and words could always change

Sometimes you go by contract but there could always be loopholes

Staying in the pigs sty would have killed the prodigal son … Thank God he left and went back to his father admitting his mistake. Pain only makes us realize either you move ahead or get left behind.

Situations are always different … Learn and grow, it might blossom into something new. Something will tell you and that something will be crystal clear. But the most important thing is to listen to that something and act on it rather than regret it.

There is always a want to relive the past, either in a way of reminding us how perfect it was or in a way of hoping to reunite and change what was not. However, when you know you can not go back or it can not be changed, hopelessness sets in. Hopelessness leads to all kinds of negative things. It is better to not tread down that path, because the only thing that keeps us alive is hope. Memory should be used as a rubber band to bounce us back to reality, to remind us and let us know that we have made it through that bad phase, or that happy phase was once there and it will come back 🙂

When making that change make it current … add your own spin to it … this way it will evoke emotions of the past and you will build new ones in the present …which will in turn be accomplished memories for your future.

Like buying a new used car 😉


(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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