Sydney or the bush ? Hollywood or bust?

To mean staking total success or failure on one high-risk event.

Be obedient and silent, but also take a stand for what is right and if you cannot handle it leave, but decide quickly and decide using not just logic but most importantly intuition too. Because sometimes the old become egotistical on their point of view and are not open to listening. If Jesus was quiet we would not be reading and imitating his word and life! He could have used logic and said ‘O Peter you will deny me 3 times, what’s the point in my sacrifice, I’ll just be wasting my life, nothing’s gonna change’.

There is some truth in being silent and there is some truth in standing up against the nos. and speaking up. Situations are different, your spirit will tell you. It will either prepare you to take a stand against the odds or tell you to hold your ground and be silent. Most importantly during this stage do it with Love ! Not Hate … Treat an adult like an adult not a child, don’t scold but reason and explain and if all fails … Leave !! Tysilyn

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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