Under Construction

So recently, I caught up with an ex-colleague from BOA on Facebook … The one story that I remember, that he told, that gave me the extra thrust to keep on going was the story of Mishra, The Paan -Beedi Wala … I have to say, Sukhjeet made me look beyond doubt and see future possibilities, as this person (Mishra) is a known person to him (so it’s not just a story it is a true story) …I hope I tell it as good as he did for those who might need it 🙂 here goes … 

Under Construction
Pic Credit : http://vangelissimeonidis.com
Mishra the Paan-Beedi Wala

Mishra inherited a corner paan, beedi shop from his father and would sit everyday of his life selling paan, beedi and cigarettes to make a living.

Tired of renting a house and living away from his family, he was looking for ways to make a positive change. When he came across a deal on an apartment building which read ‘Buy 1 flat and get another one free’, Mishra thought to himself, ‘if I sell my small shop I could buy 2 apartments and get a total of 4. I could lease them out, make money to support my family and be with them, moving from this trade of selling cigarettes, beedi and paan’

On meeting the builder he was told he could have possession of the apartments right away, the only problem was a road to the building was yet to be constructed. ‘Not to worry’ the builder assured Mishra, ‘this is coming soon and under construction’, but the offer you are getting now will not be for long’.

Mishra trusting the builder bought the apartments, and waited patiently for the road ahead. Working odd jobs he kept his family afloat by sending money back home while living hand to mouth.

A year passed by and then two but nothing. Almost losing hope after meeting the builder for over 2 years now, he thought to himself ‘LIES!!! am duped with property that has no resale value and no one will ever want to rent it’. Walking back home, in the distance, he saw, to what looked to him, as construction workers tarring a black diamond road leading to his pathless home.

“Hope” he thought, “is no longer hope” as he now could see the glittering light up the road ahead.

A few months down the line the value of his property went up 4 times the amount of what he bought it for. Mishra’s apartments faced the highway and connected roads.

With several offers on buying the property Mishra chose none and finally found one that suited him the best. NIIT wanted to lease all 4 apartments commercially and would pay him a huge amount for it.

Today Mishra receives his rent cheques on a monthly basis, is with his family and has no worry of where his next meal is going to come from.

Sometimes you just don’t see the light from down the street till you’ve started the journey. Keep walking till you see clarity ☺️

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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