A Recipe from the Vintage Box

#DeepaSoans for the yummilicious comfort food and the enlightening story.

Cultural Traditions and its relevance in today’s time.

A young newly wedded wife decided to cook her husband a scrumptious meal. Thinking of her mum’s famous chicken curry recipe, she took out two new cooking pots that were gifted to her for her wedding and started to cook.

Seeing the 2 pots, her husband asked “Honey, why are you cooking the same chicken curry in 2 pots, when you can just make the entire dish in one?”

She smiled at her husband and said “Darling, trust you me, I know what am doing, this is how we always make chicken curry, it’s a recipe handed down through generations and it’s the best chicken curry you will have ever tasted. It’s chicken curry for the soul!!!!” Intrigued her husband hushed himself and later agreed it was a meal that truly did satisfy his soul.

But his young wife, after much thought that night and in want of a logical answer decided to find out the reason behind the two pots from her mum.
“Mum” she said “why do we make chicken in 2 pots?” To which her mum responded “Thelma darling, I learnt it from your Grandma (my mum), that’s how we always made chicken curry”

Curious and determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, Thelma heads off to her Grandma with the same question, “Granny why do we cook the same chicken curry in two pots?” to which her grandma responded “That’s how we always cooked chicken curry baby girl, I learnt it from my mother your Great Grandmother.

Thelma rushed to her Great Gradma, who was once a mirrored reflection of her beauty, and yet with age Thelma thought her wisdom and beauty shone forevermore “Nana”, she said, “I asked mum and Grandma, why do we make the same chicken curry in 2 pots, mum said she learnt it from grandma, grandma said she learnt it from you so now here I am wanting to know the truth”

Her Nana replied in a frail voice “baby doll when I was young we had a huge family to feed with all our in-laws staying under one roof and one pot was not big enough for the family, so we cooked the same chicken curry in 2 pots”.

Food for the body, mind, and soul indeed.


(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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