Respice, et Prospice

Remember the past, and look to the future.

As a kid, dad use to tell me some lovely stories that were told to him and one of them is on the Banyan & Jack-Fruit tree and on how things are created just as they should be. I’m gonna give you this from my point of view, so you can put yourself out there. The story goes…

A man was carrying his load of groceries from town and was walking his way home to his village. The road was a long weary road and his load was heavy, so he stopped to take a break.

Ahead stood a banyan tree, that he walked towards and lay down to rest. While dozing off to sleep he looked back and saw a jack-fruit tree and said out loud in awe ‘such a small tree and its fruit is so huge’ then mockingly, looking up at the banyan tree he said ‘ha !! See Also such a big tree, yet it’s fruit is so small’.

He woke up with a start by a fruit that dropped from the banyan tree hitting his nose. It dawned on him ‘The banyan tree allows to rest under its shady roof, the jack-fruit tree allows to feed from it. My choice to sleep under the banyan tree saved my life, had I slept under the jack-fruit tree I most certainly would have died, had its fruit fallen on me’.

Chance, Choice, Change, Future Possibilities, & Values makes a person decide whether they have reached breaking point, to move forward and make changes in their life, by taking chances which reflect their values on decision in hope of future possibilities.

When one looks within themselves after trying and trying, giving and giving they reach a breaking point which makes them realize it is their time for change – at this point cultural values may or may not be cared for but more so personal values matter. They may take a chance against the odds deciding ‘ether way I decide, I accept, I move and I take my chances on a hopeful, better future’.

And yet values by definition are different at different decisions points in life for various people. But it is a bold choice to make collective choices.
The most important is Purpose : the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Purpose is the most important. Know your purpose so that you can move forward without hesitation.

Is a fig tree no longer a fig tree if it bears no fruit?

Occasionally we need a fig to drop down and give us a good shot on our Pinocchio noses to bring us back to reality so that we make humbling decisions and choices.

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez


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