Pic Credit: Anna David (CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

A variant of the 99 Club Wisdom told by dad, told to him by an office colleague named Sharif.

There once was a man who would go every day to the mosque and pray adamantly for one wish. ‘God’ he would say out loud ‘please give me 100 coins’ ‘not less not more, or I won’t accept your gift’ All I need is just a 100 coins.

An imam overhearing his plea to God everyday decided to test him. He took 99 coins in a handkerchief tied it into a bundle hung it from a string exactly where the man would sit to pray. Seeing the bundle after worship, the man opened it, counted the coins, praised and thanked God for his generosity of having answered his prayer, and believed that his gift was indeed from God.

The imam seeing that the man was happy walked over to him and asked him. ‘Sharif … I see that you have got what you were praying for, but I noticed you used to pray for a 100 coins not more not less, and you have received just 99, that’s one coin less, are you not upset with God?

Sharif smiled at him and said no, no, not, at all, God is right in all his ways, further explaining himself as the imam’s facial expressions looked puzzled, ‘God gave me 99 coins and 1 coin he said was used for the handkerchief he bought to put the 99 coins in’

❤️🎲☩ ❤️🎲☩ ❤️🎲☩ ❤️🎲☩ ❤️🎲☩

The heart knows what it wants and what is right because it has been put there by HIM. So don’t let anyone tell you differently.

When it feels good a compromise doesn’t feel like a compromise … Coz you love what your doing … It’s just a step in the right direction, a change in route so to say 😃


(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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