One in a Million

So here’s the thing … When I was back home last month … Dad was telling me some good old tales of our family …
One of them being money that washed ashore and our fortunate far off relatives that found it on the way to taking a no 2 !!! Hilarious … Right? Ok so they are not really far off … they are more close than ever considering that they were first cousins. Apparently the money floated ashore from a boat that got run down.

Then there is another one where my Grandmother (may she rest peacefully) found a pearl in an oyster … Fortunately it was right before the wedding of our Pakistan Grand Uncle and she gifted it to him as a wedding present.

I was like damn !!! Why can’t stuff like that happen to me … I remember me and another girl were the only 2 who qualified for entering our names in a lucky draw .. We even had equal no of name chits … But guess whose name got picked ? Yup !!! T’Was her’s!!

I think if it has to be it will be … But that don’t stop me from filling in those lucky draw coupons and dropping them in … Because I do believe maybe my luck will change. For what is life without hope for a miracle.

As UnniKrishnan would say :

What would you do if I give you shit?

His response; well, l’d put it in these flower pots so that they bloom into beautiful beings! Now that’s taking shit luck and making it good luck 😂 excuse the pun 😂

Coz sometimes shit luck could turn to rich luck and sometimes you bite into what you think is grit !!! But it turns out to be a pearl. Our family has experienced it first hand !!!

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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