Of Infinite Love

Of Infinite Love 

The Evolution
As above so below

“One mans luxury is another mans need.

One mans logic is another mans irrationality.

Look at nature for answers in the balance of everything” ~ Tysilyn

Then there was chaos, HE shouted “Enough” and it echoed through the universe. With that one word, order set in and Life formed.

“Draco is circumpolar”, Soteria said as she gazed at the Door of the Universe, it was composed based on draco, the Lock has been broken. The Labors of Hercules, The Garden of the Hesperides, the jewel of the winter, the seeded apple were symbolic expressions of keeping balance. From its inspiration was created the power to rule, to judge right from wrong, to maintain order, but look!!!,” she pointed in the direction of Gaia.

Soter spoke “I AM come to change, I AM Sovereign. I AM Adonis.

It is the Maker’s plan to let mortal decide Life or Death. They decide if their present is a gift or a curse. They choose whether to be written off from The book of life and to be cast into The book of the dead, to ignore or learn from The book of knowledge“.

“I AM Love, eternal and infinite, I have shown them, this is all that they are created to be. To always chose right from wrong. But they have no faith in fate.

Sound the shofar, hear the changes.”

“Gaia in ecliptic Uranus passess the zodiac and will now result, in 13 as the coming of age. My reason for the 4 seasons with Her 23 degree tilt is the result of the right time to sow, reap and harvest. For now Hemera will stay longer because Selene moves away. This was not constant in all hemispheres and will change again.

Phthinoporon falls gracefully blowing winds to cool The Secret Garden. Her breath makes steam and she covers daybreak with a dense mist to remind mortals of her ease in change. Eiar springs forward onto Theros. Cheimon shadows Gaia while Phthinoporon falls into sleep.

Selene’s gaze at Gaia is of synchronous rotation. Never to turn away from and to always reflect Helios light. The gravitational force slows Hemera and if Selene is destroyed, Mortals would experience Erebus and Nyx for half a year, and Hemera for the rest.
Without Selene, Gaia would wobble out of course. Selene stabilizes Gaia’s fluctuations and the keepers are in balance.

When Selen is directly between Gaia and Helios she is dark or full. She takes 29.53059 days to complete her cycle. Selene causes Oceanus to rise and fall but her pull is most when Syzygy with Helios and Hermes of the 12 Olympians or Cronus of the 12 Titans.

As Gaia turns, Selene tugs on Oceanus, creating tides. Forces that have carved coastlines, buoyed polar icecaps, and influenced the rhythms of life. If Selene moves away Poseidon and Amphitrite would have Tidal friction. Damns must be created to slow the recession.”

HE spoke “Enough! I create balance. I create Fate and I sow Faith in the hearts of those who believe they are destined for destiny. I write and erase for judgement lies within me. I choose what becomes knowledge and what is to be ignored. I choose who to keep and who to let go. What I do I do Never Forgetting my purpose is Love. I AM So Ham.

Soter spoke “These quirky differences are much needed for everything to exist and with it there is balance. Without, there would be Labour for nothing and Gaia would be Chaos.”

Soteria said “Your Word is Wisdom, when you speak you create, you are the Creator’s Son. I AM Psychopomp, the doctor’s verdict, I AM Hera, the host.

Together we are The Collective Evolution of Infinite Love.”

The door is open 23 skidoo, stay as you please.

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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