Fate and Faith

Fate and Faith 

Fate or Destiny is a future which has already been decided.

Imagine having faith that you are doomed to fail? It means you are predetermining failure as your future. Isn’t it better to predetermine a future positive outcome instead?

Ananta is trust that which is indestructible and unchangeable, infinite and immeasurable (without end). It is belief that is beginningless, endless, unbroken, being-consciousness-bliss.

It’s reality can be realised during enlightenment felt during time of hardship / adversity. You Alone do not have the authority because HE created you, HE decides.

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Believe and have faith in God for your fate.

Ask for what YOU want and be PREPARED to RECEIVE

Thanksgiving – Open with Thanks for who God is

Remember – examples of God’s faithfulness

Unburden – your heart, asking God for help

Surrender – to God’s Answer

Trust in God’s power to answer your Prayer

Lion of Judah

Says ask HIM for what you want and HE will reciprocate.

Sometimes when we lose all hope and faith we need interceptors to remind us how powerful HE is. Remind me of the creator’s mighty works. Remind me of how the Omnipotent created, how HE creates and how HE will create miracles for HIS Children.

That the mind remembers past and can change present.

Listen and tell us what it does to our faith?


Sometimes FAITH must be awoken

Then say I unburden myself surrender and trust in you. And we move now to reassured renewed faith in the creator.

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