When faith meets spirit even mistakes harmonize into Legends for Legacies
The Blind don’t need eyes to see
The Deaf don’t need ears to listen
The Lame don’t need limbs to feel
The Dumb don’t need a mouthpiece to speak of Love
Looking up while opening the door she read out loud a Greek inscription “kai su” meaning “and you” or “you are too”
She entered into the Secret Garden and to her left, were red Rose Bushes to her right Purple Ivy. Behind her the Rising Sun and ahead of her the Moon no longer descended in the morning light.
From the centre the Wise Arayes asked a ḥiddot

“What is Prefectural ?”

“An office of a Perfect”

“Who is Perfect?”

“Is to make Prior, or, Put in charge”


4 waysto-dō-fu-ken

“What is Veritas?”

“That which is Aletheia

The legitimate status of many species is suspicious and remains unclear, who are we to judge ?

You don’t mess with love you mess with the truth.”

“What comes first, the singer or the song?”
“The singer can not sing without a song”
“The song needs a singer to sing
Both are nonexistent without each other “
“And music speaks to the soul like lyrics speak to the heart, I’m impressed, You are indeed wise as I have heard”
Her skin black as night, she continued “To those who admired me along the trade route I was known by many names.”
“In the Gold Coast Queensland, my Grandmother calls me Black But Beautiful, to the others I go by
Malkat, Bilqīs, Makueda, Queen Of Sheba, I amSophia.
“Come, sip from the cup poured out from the Tree of Knowledge. I know your “Nag Mani” was stolen, you are charmed only by the Been. You have seen both realities and have chosen not to Destroy Divine Law and help in Frashokereti.”
Sipping a crystal clear cup of red permanganate juice, and handing me the same she explained “it has the power to purify, to be used as a healing concoction in baths and to start a fire”
“We have the ability to move through 3 worlds and have come to help understand Animism
There are 3 Traditions
The Oral : Observation and Thought through Storytelling ‘what is heard’ (Gnostikos or śruti)
The Written : (Logic and Rules) through Writings after Observation and Listening ‘what is remembered’ (Praktikos or smṛti)
Yoked they form Thought and Logic, The Absolute; Abstract, Action and Reality shared across the trade route”.
“Keep walking, there are many distractions but let them not old ye back from your motivation to understand what is to be learnt”
We entered through an upper room that led me back to Youth, Gaze she said and I heard a voice echo and saw a child play : 
From Sin to Virtue Hopscotch to Heaven 

Love as One

Not for Lust

Two for Faith

Believe not Hate

Three in Hope

The Faithful’s Scope

Four for Courage

In Justice and Peace

Five to Give Joyfully In Deed

And Opposition of Greed

Six drop Pride and Hold Yourself High

Depression Displace and Compassion Embrace

Seven for Freedom

Wisdom for the New Kingdom

To bring back the Passionate Lost Girl with a Big Heart to the Secret World

“The Passage through time will take you through;
Cardiognosis will put you through the 9 Lives of righting reflexes for Creating, Transforming, Preserving and Protecting Virtue.”
Jerks ! you focus your attention to the lives of woman and identify how a women devoted to HIM should live HER life, when you are not a woman and without understanding the period of time preceding the bride ❤️is =”

There’s always at least one soul worth saving, where an entire world will be saved

There is at least one person who will love you incredibly more than you deserve, there in lies reason to not destroy all created

❤️ is =

At the Sheep Gate I saw the 9 lives of Sarah, Ruth, Bathsheba, Susanna Hannah, Roxelana, Aisha, Sita and Menaka

The 5 smooth firestones the one in doubt took to destroy The Goliath Beasts, sons of Harafa, were the five wounds of betrayals when she allowed herself to be ‘threshed’ by the many men as one threshes wheat.

Moving to the inner room an Inscriptions read

‘There is no silver or gold here, only … Bones’

The Myrrh-bearers stood with ashes of Vibhuti on their forehead and alabaster jars in their hands saying 

“We were told to take a dip in the spring, that it would heal us and our disability to conceive.

Tell us what can be property?”

For something to be economically scarce it must necessarily have exclusivity.

That used by one person excludes others from using it. The justifications leads to different conclusions of ‘Effort and Scarcity’ on what can be property.” 

The Truth Seers Mojo, a charm bag containing magical items and a prayer with a Hoodooism ,spell and read:

“You once left past and present for a better future. Choosing not to Rebel against or for. During the Period of Silence you rejected both options and instead chose to take refuge by fleeing to a promised land. You were one of them.

“Anythin’ da’ chew do is de plan of God undastan’, God have somepin to do wit evah’ thin’ you do if it’s good or bad, He’s got somepin to do wit it . . . jis what’s fo’ you, you’ll git it.”

“I am Bast, and am the ever-flowing river Saraswati, that branches to meet the Tree of life, I am also  called Benzaiten

They lead me to the CopticJars, saying…

“Four in number, each for the safekeeping of human organs: the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver, all of which, is needed in the afterlife.”

“And the heart?”, I asked

“It is the seat of the soul, and so it will be left inside the vessel. It is weighed against the feather of Ma’at (truth) by the god Anubis. If too heavy from bad deeds it will be fed to a monster that is part lion, part hippopotamus, and part crocodile Ammit.”

I screamed out loud horrified of what to expect, closing my eyes meditating the words ‘For dogs have surrounded me; A band of evildoers has encompassed me; they pierce my hands and my feet.’

“A game” Maya said “to check if you are from the living or dead. Drink now a portion of this potion” 

Swallowing the bitter poison she said “speak out loud the last rite of passage that returns the body to the five elements and origins”

I screamed out loud as I seen her burst into flames, “Burn her not, nor consume her, Enya; let not her body or her skin be scarred”

She said “Like Soddom and Gamorrah, Pompeii the cities can be in ashes within seconds, a reality of how easy it is to destroy.”

I asked, “do you know  what is the antidote to the caustic nature of Soddom, Gamorrah and Pompeii ?”

And she said “It is not a grain of salt but a grain of wit that is the KHARITES antidote”

“What does wit say about the part to peace ?”

“There is no part to peace, peace is the path to the piece”

“It can never be early it can never be late there is always time to build a bridge don’t jump the the GoldenGate, it is the Parable of the Lost Coin that redeems the space between me and you”

“Up, all you souls, and help us!
Rumors spread, it caused stress and anguish. I felt helplessness set in and my parents had mental agony.
We have all heard something about me and believe it. If I say that I am innocent you will not believe me; and if I confess something which I never did, you will believe me. I cannot but repeat the words which the father of Joseph has spoken: ‘fa-sabrun jamil’: I will bear this patiently with good grace, forgiveness and heptalove
So wipe those tears, don’t wait by the pool for the water to be stirred by an Angel, pick up your mat and walk”

“Quick through this narrow path, we must haste!! A Lock of Hair opens the Seal to the lock on Strato.

Heel side by side, heal by and by with lessons learnt. Gather all your courage and admit your love, because love carries on”
“What’s is this?” I pointed to, a gory sight that had with a pair of open iron scissors placed on the chest of the deceased, and straws or twigs hidden in their clothes. The big toes are tied together, needles driven through the soles of the feet.
“It is to keep the dead from being able to walk. Quick!! It’s time to make your exit!! The coffin is lifted and lowered in three different directions, carried from the house to confuse a draugr’s sense of direction. The corpse door, is a special door built, through which the corpse is carried, feet-first with people surrounding it so that the corpse can not see where it is going. The door is then bricked up to prevent a return. The dead can only leave through the way they entered. Any draugar infesting the home is driven off by holding the ‘door-doom’. Quick!! shut the back door!!! shut the back door!!”
The ghosts followed me in saying
“We were told to take a dip in the spring, that it would heal our disability.”
“Quick Grab my hand”, she said
“The will appears to be strong, strong enough to draw the will back to one’s body. They will live again so they can also die again, because Draugar die a ‘second death’.
“Hold tight to the handle of hope till you reach the other side, my journey ends here” 
Clinging on to the hand of hope I turned back and seen, one by one the draugar was  summoned to the door-doom, given judgment and forced out of the home through this system. She then purified them with holy water from the pool of siloam  to ensure they never come back. Both the shlang and the spirit serve as jealous and zealous guardians of the graves of Queens from ancient civilization. The spirits cry repent and be forgiven (Because there’s something in the water)  while the serpent hisses be damned and punished.
I was transitioned to the other side and I heard another call, “shhhhhh!!!  Near the window lies the Master, key to The Red String of Fate Ceremony, find it!!!”

As a maker, her name first appears in the will of one called the maker, a jewel, in which he willed her his tool.

She wept imagining the future
He cried reminiscing the past
Together they realized the gift of the present, seeing each other hide the tears in their eye.

Woe to him for she walks in a veil wailing, who whaled at her for having a whale of a time.
Catching my breath, I unlatched the window and slid outside. There stood she dressed in red holding in her hands a Claddagh Ring, “handed down from generation to generation”, she said  “and yours to keep if you answer these”
“What is Love?”
“I know it has four somethings”, bashfully I said
“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe? a good luck charm for the bride to be?”
She smiled and said “something like that. It is storgephiliaeros, and (agape).
If you have no sympathy for the troubles of others
You are not worthy to be called by ai  Aşk
Love is developing a mutual admiration of someone, a deep respect, trust and awareness of another human’s needs…The new easy-come, easy-go relationships give more freedom — but less contentment.”
“Who is destined for koi ?”
“Every Jack has a Jill, but some might want to live alone, but even they have jiān’ài”.

Not to be contented with one’s own partner, and to be seen with hoes and the partners of others — this is a cause of one’s downfall.

Being past one’s youth, to take a younger and to be unable to sleep for jealousy — this is a cause of one’s downfall.

You are right in your thoughts she said.

“How is it possible to celebrate a 7 year old’s baptism and on the same day he is also the ring-bearer to his parent nuptials?”

“They are Converts ?”

She explained “The Three Strands holding the key symbolize different things like the crossing of borders into a culturally different region, such as one where a different religion prevails. Every nation has created its own God in its own image and resemblance, but the internal reflection inspires good deeds, more than the string itself.”
She looped the pendant through the string that held the Master key and put it on my neck.
“The circle is a symbol of eternity, and the ring serves to signify the never-ending love between the couple. Worn on the left finger, it connects to a special vein that connects directly to the heart.
It is a puzzle ring also known as harem ring. the ring is given as a wedding ring, if the wearer removes it to cheat on their spouse, they would be unable to reassemble the ring before its absence is noticed.”
She handed me a red envelope “in it are coins strung on a red string. The money is referred to as money for warding off evil spirits”
I am to be your Good Luck Woman
Holding a red umbrella over my head, she said “The red umbrella protects you my child, the new bride, from evil spirits, and the rice and beans are to attract the attention of the gold chicken”. Rachel then sang out loud  “raise the bark, spread the leaves.”
“Come” she’s said “we have the Umhlanga Ceremony to attend. Śruti says “Music isn’t music without Beats, and a plenty of chai to sing, dance and celebrate for the bride to be”.
Finally she whispered in my right ear “Finding balance in a relationship is not just the matchmakers job”, leaning in closer to me “it is also knowing each others dislikes and not pushing each other over the edge”. and finally she whispered again for the third time “When you both disagree on something find another way that will touch both hearts instead of favoring one side. Something that will have meaning for both of you. Remember the first everything for one is not as important as the memory you are going to build from here-on.”
“What is Truth?, I asked?”
“Truth is Faith in Fate”
The truth was sealed so that it would not be used in a way to manipulate, misinform, mislead. But if one wants to one can and if they are not strong enough in faith they can easily be manipulated, misinformed or misled.
❤️is =
A man would choose his wife based on three things, the dowry which was given by the father to the groom, her presumed fertility, and her skills, such as weaving. But the promise at the well of oaths was a vow not to be broken, a promise to love seven times seventy a promise of Heptalove and this was the secret whispered to Jacob who whispered it to Leah and me saying:
‘Love and joy within each seam brings me only happy dreams Shell Woman, shine through the night Keep me safe till dawn’s first light’
Come it is time for the Handfasting Ceremony —the blessed marriage rite in which the hands of you and your beloved are wrapped in a red ribbon as you ‘tie the knot’.
I woke up and vividly remember only just his hands knotted to mine.

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez
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