Epiphanies | Shoe Box Memories

Opening up an old shoe box of childhood memories; one picture in particular caught her eye.

Christmas Eve, like all kids wanting new things, the morning awakened a want for a new pair of shoes for church. She wanted it so bad that she cried and told her dad – “I need new shoes, please give me money to buy them”. Her dad on the other hand was stern in his response and said – “No, no shoes it is not a necessity”. To her though, it meant everything, and she wept her soul out.

Drained from all the crying and almost giving up hope, she sat by the window in thought saying “Soverign! Why am I always denied things, don’t I deserve at least a pair of new shoes for your birthday?” “Finally consoling herself through self talk, the voice in her head spoke “It is HIS birthday anyways, so if HE doesn’t want you to have new shoes so be it” and she just surrendered to HIS will.

A few minutes later, the door bell rang. It was the post man waving a letter. As she ran to the door, and grabbed it, she remembered how till date gets excited to receive paper mail and smiled.

Peeking into it, she seen a Rs. 500 note with a letter. Jumping with joy, believing it was a miracle she innocently told her dad “Dada it’s a miracle – God wants me to have my new shoes and he has sent me Rs. 500 in the mail”.

Her dad explained that this was from their Grand Uncle in Pakistan and once again rejected her plea saying “no… No shoes…”

She begged again and pleaded saying “can’t you see God wants me to have new shoes.” to which he said “latet maybe”And like every child wanting something so bad she continued … But Christmas is tonight… By evening, dad handed her some money, smiled and said “Go buy your shoes” and She cried with happiness and joy.

She remembers and realizes this

Sometimes you must give up something you want dearly to understand its value. As adversity teaches us to appreciate and value the things missed a lot more… For She loved those pair of shoes 🙂

Her dad kept rejecting her plea not coz he didn’t want her to have the new shoes … Of course he wanted her to have it, which father wouldn’t want the best for his child, but it was because they couldn’t afford it…It was not a necessity.

It was Christmas and they didn’t have money for a Christmas meal, he was trying to balance the household expenses.

When the moneys came through the post, it was not a miracle, it was her dad who had written to their Grand Uncle in Pakistan explaining their situation and their Grand Uncle in all his kindness had sent money to take care of their needs. No it was not a miracle, like Tee assumed it to be, it was sent to take care of their needs to have a beautiful holiday together as a family…

Shoes can wait – but family celebrating and having food on the table for Christmas on HIS birthday is more important than materialistic things. Giving thanks together is the miracle of Christmas.

(CC) 2015 Tysilyn Fernandez

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