The Formula to Pegged Exchange Rate is horizontal ellipsis, you are supposed to fill up 3 dots / spaces with a property / value attribute
The UAE dirham has been Pegged to the $ since 1997.

The name Dirham derives from the Greek word Drachmae, literally meaning “handful”.

N G H S, “A great miracle happened here”, referring to the miracle of the oil that took place in the Beit al-Quds.

Bring on the Game of Life for Teetotum survives today on the Feast of Dedication

A (Lat. aufer, take) indicating that the player takes one from the pool, D (Lat. depone, put down) when a fine has to be paid, N (Lat. nihil, nothing), and T (Lat. totum, all), when the whole pool is to be taken


Pirinola Game


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