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Value : that which determines your priorities in your life.
It is only when it is all lost that the full realization is felt

What is permanent ?

Nothing is permanent. What we do hope is permanent is love because love forgives, love understands, love is patient and forbearing.

Yet it’s meaning too has been lost, for that great expectation of being perfect, when fails in the eye of the beloved becomes indeed a romantic tragedy.

Ironically, the Love that we cherish most to be lifelong or everlasting, we indeed lose because of great expectations or the idea of a perfect relationship, a perfect love, a perfect wife, a perfect dream, a perfect completion. But that what’s incomplete is imperfectly perfect and always ready to be worked upon. The weaver’s flaw (a good way to build a lasting relationship) flaws help us reach near perfection. It is indeed ‘the gift of imperfection‘.

Sometimes to self discover you must self destruct to realize true value and that’s when you will find the path to permanence.

(CC) 2015 Tysilynsblog


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