Flow to Point of Origin  


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“Layer Over Layers Of Intelligence, Minds So Unbelievably Vast, It Is Difficult To Comprehend Unless In A Higher State of Consciousness.” Tysilyn

A state of being Wired in The Zone … In the Pipe … Playing the A-game … Dead Stroke, the State of Highest Concentration and Strategical Awareness.

Scents can take you to the past or to the future. Brining up emotions of joy or sorrow.

The Earthy smell of wet mud gives me a feeling of excitement, happiness and hope. The smell of bacon, eggs and baked beans in the morning feels like home, family, warmth and joy

Do you have a particular smell that makes you think back or think forward ???

I Share this:

Suri is commonly used in reference to a celebration or a joyful gathering like a festivity.

It is used as a perfume in religious ceremonies.

Since the color is so well loved in Persia (Iran), some shades are named after Persia.

Daughter Asks: “Hey, Dad.  What is Joshiryoku as it refers to the high ability and power of working women. This color is very popular in women’s fashion.

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