Value Theory 

If you want drama go to the opera – Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

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If you can’t make a change stop nagging the one who is making the change.

In the context of psychology, sociology, and economics.

There is a difference between moral and natural goods. Moral goods are those that have to do with the conduct of persons, usually leading to praise or blame. Natural goods, on the other hand, have to do with objects, not persons.

Ethics is mainly focused on moral goods rather than natural goods, while economics has a concern in what is economically good for the society but not an individual person and is also interested in natural goods. However, both moral and natural goods are equally relevant to goodness and value theory.

A Diva is a person who performs extraordinary deeds for the benefit of others. One with divine ancestry or later given divine honors. Literally “protector” or “defender.

A Classical Diva is considered to be one who lives and dies in the pursuit of honor and asserts her greatness by the brilliancy and efficiency with which they build.

Each Classical Diva focuses on an epic quest. Classical Divas are Demi-Gods and extraordinarily gifted, evolving into heroic characters through their perilous circumstances. While these Divas are incredibly resourceful and skilled, they are often foolhardy, court disaster, risk their followers lives for trivial matters, and behave arrogantly in a childlike manner. They are regarded with the highest esteem and utmost importance, explaining their prominence within epic literature.

The appearance of these mortal figures mark a revolution of audiences and writers turning away from immortal gods to mortals, whose heroic moments of glory survives in the memory of their descendants, extending their legacy.


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Divas in myth often had close but conflicted relationships with the gods.

Wearing a blue skirt stained with the blood of “wretched lovers slain” and a veil woven with flowers so realistic that she is continually forced to swat away bees.

The final encounter of the two lovers is even more frenzied, with the two at times appearing closer to blows than to embraces.

Diva would light a lamp every night at the top of her tower to guide the way. She allowed him to make love to her. This lasted through the warm summer.

At eight months two giant snakes climbed into the chamber. Diva grabbed a snake in each hand and strangled them.

A prophesy of an unusual future, saying she would vanquish numerous monsters. Photo by Sequoia Emanuelle

Truth is …

All Divas are not concerned about Praise and Honor that come along the way to Stardom. It is the purpose of doing good that she is after and Parise and Honor come from the work she has done. It is important that a Diva does not get side tracked by the praise and honor that comes along the way.

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