The Gift Of Giving

It was the best Christmas ever!!!Linsley, Lulu, Sweety and me decided to go visit the orphanage. The feeling … bliss !!!

And though we ourselves didn’t have much to offer, except, but, a few sweets, and time with those little ones (we ourselves were little) … O that ecstatic feeling that money cant buy, that feeling of pure joy… Tiny tots running around, singing carols and just being their happy little selves.

The joy on their faces and gratitude in their hearts came from the little treats and the time spent with them. That joy, reflected back in our hearts.

I realized this … As children they cared not how expensive the sweets were, (especially coz they had not, the luxuries of life) … whether toblerones or Dairy Milks … It didn’t matter … for they were just sugar candies (inexpensive as ever, for we ourselves couldn’t afford those) but to them a gift was a gift no matter how small.

The gift of giving is not necessarily money or expensive things … It could be just a token of love like spending time with those who miss it. We need it and they need it too. It indeed brings out the true value of Christmas and living God’s Word.

Try it this Christmas in whatever way you can spend time and spread love if you don’t have the money – I promise you it is chicken soup for the soul


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