Squab Dilemma 

Following the Self Without Sacrificing Self

The Thinker On Silt Seal in Earth’s Pit

A Sign From God And A Miracle In The Making


“A Squab Perched on a Squab Eating Squab”

Negative Imagery and demotivating language can be psychologically harmful.

Perpetuating and reinforcing hyper-sexualized and unrealistic images, to include demotivating and negative statements such as “hello sexy six-pack,” “you better be sweating,” and “you should be crying right now” could reduce the effectiveness and diminish hope and potentially cause psychological harm.

These findings raise concern about the value in helping people develop and commit to a program. There are a lot of exaggerated claims through the imagery and language of ‘do this and you’ll become like me.”

Cardinals urge us to be mindful when making laws and not to use the same results as bodies respond differently to exercises shown.

(CC) 2016 Tysilynsblog



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