A Daughter’s Love For Her Father

One word doesn’t say anything and at the same time it hides everything – Una Palabra by Carlos Varela (Lyrics Translation)

“She cried imagining the future

He cried reminiscing the past

Together they realized the gift of the present❣” ~Tysilyn

No other love of a man can compare to the love between her and her Father.

With these great expectations she steps into a world of hope to use what he has taught her and a love so vast yet connected.

Stumbling and falling several times along the way till she realizes that their love can never be compared, but can be shared.

A love that conquers all.

A love so powerful that even without a whisper of discomfort they know each other in thought.

He knows of her time of trouble and desperation and with a random call knows something is wrong even if she doesn’t say.

As though an angel whispers into his ear saying,

“Call her she needs to hear your voice”.

If anything should ever happen to him, she would not just lose half her soul but also half her mind and half her heart.

This much is their connection that through Him she has learnt what love is.

A single thought raised to heaven as a prayer for Him❤️

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez

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