The Sign of Harpocrates

Shhh …

Gabriel trailed the corridors of the hospital wards and entered the door where lay 3 spirits hovering around their bodies that kept slipping into the conscious and unconscious bed containing their souls.

When one coughed, she forced every bit of life to clear the phlegm in her chest that wheezed out of her, strong willed, to stay alive.

No one by her bed side except a handmaid, paid, to stand guard but left unnoticed to the Death Angel’s silent gaze. All dressed in black and awaiting the seconds hand to one of the Soul’s turn. With a smile claimed

“I.C.U.; You can’t stop your turn from taking your soul, try as you may, with this man-made ventilator mask, that forces air into your mould, your time has come”

‘One more day Yami! frailty! thy name is woman,’ cried Soul for Life, ’till my baby comes … I must say goodbye – just a glance is good. I have met with in sleep and awakened her at my side. She has realized a mother’s love for daughter. Let it not be too late, I bargain a day! One last chance, one last glance, please !!! for her not me!!! Our final memory to last eternity, maybe a catchphrase to recall eternally’.

‘Shhhhh’ said Gabriel to Soul ‘I give you one last day’. Resetting watch to kiss of death ’till tomorrow, I give you one last day’

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez

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