The Falling Star Evolution

Aramaic Proverbs
“Honor the Ethiop before thou hast need of him”, (Ecclus. 38:1)

“Be good and refuse not thy portion of good.”

“Bestow no good upon that which is evil, and no evil will befall thee.”

“Restrain not thy hand from doing good.”

“The bride enters the bridal chamber and, nevertheless, knows not what will befall her.”

“A nod to the wise is sufficient; the fool requires a blow.” (Proverbs 22:15)

“He who honors them that despise him is like an ass.”

“A fire, when it is kindled, burns many sheaves” (James 3:5)

“An old woman in the house is a good omen in the house”

“Even a good surety has to be applied to for a hundred morrows; a bad one for a hundred thousand.”

“Rise quickly from the table and thou wilt avoid disputes.”

“In thy business deal only with the upright.”

“If the goods are near at hand, the owner consumes them; but if they are at a distance, they consume him.”

“Do not disavow an old friend.”

“Thou mayest have sixty counselors, but do not give up thy own opinion”

“He that was first satisfied and then hungry will offer thee his hand; but not he that was first hungry and then satisfied.”

Balancing the Books

1. (idiomatic, accounting) To add up all the debits and credits.

2. To put or keep any closed or conservative system or its analysis in balance.

Closing up of accounts at the end of an accounting period, by bringing the totals of their debit and credit sides into agreement, and thus to determine the profit or loss made during that period.

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: keeping financial accounts

Synonyms: auditing, calculating, bookkeeping

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