Dear April

Dear April,

There’s something in my heart that goes snap when you spring forth.

A distant childhood memory of the scourging heat and the harshness that you will bring once again. Nostalgic childhood memories of struggle and overcome. “Kamilos can only pass through “the eye of the needle”, a smaller gate if it was stooped and had its baggage removed, Copper Mosquito replete at night.

On repeat, a repeat, retweet, retweet of last year will it be again?

Full of buzz from the bumble bee to the town hall gossip

What happened to the good old days Catching Crooks and Blind Man’s Bluff, Lego Man?

“The blind flies are hovering fast! Catch whichever you can!”

A New Years Gift Sent to Marco

Many doors will close, go back, they are automate, sometimes their sensors don’t work.

Will I be forgotten or remembered?

While one fake smiled for the camera the real one was busy laying trabajo preparatorio and got chopped off

Update cover Pinheads hammered by nails, was the head-cover used for protection or in honor ? Moral vs Civil Law

“Hello World it’s April’s Fools Day”

A bird builds its best nest twig by twig and chirps “To love is not breathing it is action”

Dear April, you are back again and you bring me back again.

Good Luck Morning Angel

Good Night April Fool

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez

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