From The Little Prince

A Treasure buried in Treasure

That which is seen heard felt and written.

Will I be a good grown up ? asked the little Prince to his dad, the King.

Thought the King, the child inside us is always so enthusiastic, ready to take off and find new experiences.

“Look with your heart” said dad to his prince Menelik I.

“Sometimes we have to believe and have faith than, not then, use logic to feel happiness and sorrow to experience than, not then, reason if you should or should not take that journey. Just do it anyway take off and then prepare for landing into another world.

Saying these Words he took his son’s hands in his and saw the ring embedded with the words ‘this too shall pass‘. A sentence true in good times or bad times he remembered his Rose, tears welled in his eyes as he recalled that night, their goodbye, the Queen,  their love, a loss of something that cannot be replaced, the same ring he was presented with by his wise men, which he then presented to her, who presented it to her son. He had won her heart but lost her at the same time all those years ago. He had everything but missed that one thing. Maybe a fragment of her imagination. Maybe it was her who felt it. Who knows?

“I am for my people, you for yours, in my land the lift attendant raises his staff to the designated level and is King in his own accord. The only title Prince is given is a Mr. who works on the top-level as the Maintenance Man”. Echoed her words as clear as crystal in his mind after all these year on their last night together. With her the sun departed that morning.

“As we grow old we become small. The more we study and call ourselves learned men, the more we become small. Everything is not in one book. Growing up is not a problem, forgetting is”, said the King to his son Menelik I

“Try not to get stuck there with the stars. The stars are beautiful because of a flower that cannot be seen. Those who own the stars are the ones who take advantage of the lazy men. The innocent Joes become perfectly essential and bait … The power of the stardust lights up the average Joe”. Said the King. He fails to see that he is not a failure that he is a worthy Prince, who is soon to become King. Not hopeless but hopeful. He loves the Rose and the Rose loves him, thought the King.

“Groom for higher things, there will be fear but take that leap none the less just like the child inside of you would have. Dance upon those stars and shine like the million that make one sky. Let it remind you of who you were.” Said the King.

“Fall down with me and find your Rose again withered and dried her petals blown into dust as you try to touch her”, Said the little Prince.

“She is your Queen ; your Leader; Mother of the Son, Queen with the Son; together with the power of the Father, the wisdom of the Son, and the love of the Mother in the light of the Trinity, confirmed forever in her function of maternal royalty; her crowning glory

She was not a coming Rose but a becoming Lilly, she’s not gone she’s right here and it is only with the heart that one can see. You will then see what you do not see. The good hearts always make wonderful grown ups”. Everything else shall fail but thy heart will always know the truth.

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez

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