(Ramble) The Tree : Root Cause Analysis 

What is the significance of this glorious tree?
The evergreen tree represents this symbol in natural form.

Growing strong and proud in the harshest of environments, a symbol of perseverance and nourishment across borders.

With its roots bound in the soil of this world and its branches reaching upwards toward perfection, it is a symbol of solidarity and determination; it reminds us that the goals of this world are not incompatible with the goals of the spirit.

One tree … many names

Deep rooted in faith hope peace & love

Yet as it grows through several seasons it changes shades

And continues budding fruit for the summers

Reason down on earth all must be equal

Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage

Court Orders

Order ! Order ! Order the courts is in session

Where is the best place to park cash? To change Black to White ?

Entrepreneurs have been quick to spot the Gap in the past couple of years.

Bayzat, which means cash or change. Says compare buy and use.

The benefit of alpha–beta pruning, lies in the facts, branches of the search tree can be eliminated. Search time can be limited to the ‘more promising’ subtree, and a deeper search can be performed in the same time. Belonging to the branch and bound class of algorithms. Optimization reduces depth to slightly more than half that of simple minimax if the nodes are evaluated in an optimal or near optimal order.

Use Tool : Root Cause Analysis

Q&A Doctors Verdict Use Tool Above : Who Cross Checks, the cross checks for investment capital? Should business be running without an investment capital? or a fake capital ? No bank accounts, Is this checked ? Who checks the checks that check the money shop?

The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business and to foster ethical business leadership.

Authority robs by charging inflated Deposit even to transfer Electricity and Water! Good way of making money ! O just got news in just a few about increasing deposits 2000 to +110 from a 1000 fluctuations of a one man show’s mindset.😂

Badoo says Free, but with a charge for higher prominence
Or shall we say Commercial Free, but with a charge for higher prominence ?

Mr Prestige and Mr Pride keep walking around flashing their embroidered name tags !
Lee Cooper


Premier Athletic

Captain America wears Converse All Stars at Star Wars Cafe

It’s all Smoke and Mirrors

KnitS SnuG DessertS DoG

As good as playing hangman, the paper and guessing game for two or more players. Where one thinks a word phrase of sentence and the other guesses cumbersome letters or numbers

Mr Security is around Every damn mile with Vanguards and Enforced guards

Mr Chaat is so cool

Approved I am not fame

I am not attention.

I am not the applause

I am not anyone else

I am in PINK.

I am ME

Bitcoin, MoneyMunch explains nifty.

Best Pressure Transmitter – We sense you measure !

You may have good ideas that could help boost financial prospects right now, but there may be self-doubt getting in the way. The head tells you one thing, and the heart tells you something else. It is a good idea to do more research, but believe in YOU!

People change memories don’t. 8 years ago she started training baby monkey, pooh bear and today left the house she made knowing that it will thrill some to see her fall.

Face to Face, Monkeys say everyone’s a winner 100s of buy one get one free offers in store … on + Sizes. Hold on Hope !

The earth tribe says “Imprint your intent on the universe rather than receive an imprint from existence”

Contracted to tag offenders. We Own It protests where sick bags and proposed Public Service Users Bill will provide better, more transparent run services.

She is not Siri but the voice of Jen Taylor who says “At the cross road go straight, after 500 meters take left”.

Let the games begin

Leave me alone, you’re diving me insane for Pete’s Sake Stop Doubting Thomas he was one of the 12 after all!!!

I make badass apps

New balance

Take 1 call

May Day !! May Day !! May Day!!

This is the Tea Server

On WTF (Whisky Tango Foxtrot) Over

Yes Indeed

Tea Server

We are Crossing oceans to secure the future

You’ve Probably Heard Me Wrong
T Server

You’re Probably Reading it Wrong

The authors have deleted this Site

Fire Pan Pan, Pan Pan, Pan Pan
Not fire paan
On WTF (Whisky Tango Foxtrot) Me? Over

Title? who gives a damn about titles. They are only used to boost ego.

May Day !!! May Day !!! May Day !!!

Girl overboard seeing that depressing statement this morning.

I never liked you anyway ! Check !

Honeywell or should I say Honey Well …

I am …






Mrs Darcy – You mean,





Happy” – Pride and Prejudice
Or You mean,




Happy” – Ms T

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong P&G Parental Guidance

Is it the same as Parental Advisory : Boobies and Rocky Go bananas!!! On what basis ? Check!
Airborne super dry Mr K with a DHL and Aramex courier for delivery to Bobbies and Rocky Bunkering Boutique

“Vent away” they shout 😡 red faced reading the courier

Incase of stress unplug She thought, Or in her case plug-in 😜

What about the & in Proctor & Gamble? …Check ! ‘and’ Gamble not Social Responsibility Shiksha Live Learn and Thrive.”

Higher Perspective shared 7 things every child should hear :
1. I’m proud of you

2. I’m listening

3. This is your responsibility

4. You can do it

5. I made a mistake am sorry

6. Mistakes happen I forgive you

7. I love you

PA to GM no no no that move from a Personal Assistant to a General Manager that makes no sense, it a wrong move to Gamble so to say. It means Personal Assistant (to) for the General Manager.

If you pay close attention you can listen to the words of School girls waving from the school bus

That chai walla whistled to call a lady !! Rude !!! No he actually doesn’t know it’s rude !

“SIT THERE” said he with the rudest undertone I’ve heard in ages.

“Don’t you dare tell me where to sit, ask me politely and I might listen ! Puppy relaxes me

Don’t disrespect waiters who wait on you … Hang on a second, I have never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it!

Life is better in Bond shorts and Jordans holding the ball up with one hand making gazillions.
Unlike the school kid bouncing his crazy ball left abandoned on the streets.

The Puma in a triangle and circle what does that mean ? Hermes ? The navel is the Centre of the Body. Not to be mistaken for naval “May the fourth be with you”

When you give … In order to receive you have to give what you hold tightly in your hands. You need empty hands to receive. Give like you would expect to receive !

I know you know said Love 1 Corinthians

Eat sleep train repeat

Aero for Rave Loves sake seen it like a million times I’ve 2 Million combinations Let’s make yours !

See Alao :


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