Powerful Words 

Parts of Speech; When All The Fulls Came With Powerful Words

Not by degree nor by stages brought to the round table through the Language of Love

Armful says you are not Awful

Beautiful she’s Blissful

Disgraceful is so darn Dreadful

Eyeful is trying hard not to be Fearful

Fitful is surprisingly Gleeful

Helpful confronted Hurtful

Joyful is extremely Mindful

Needful has become Painful

Pitiful changed to Playful

Rightful said don’t be Shameful

Soulful despises Spiteful

Tearful cries be Truthful

Watchful told Willful we are all just Wonderful Fulls

But We All Need To

Pic Credit : Pic Via :http://verbcreative.com – johnson and johnson

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez 


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