Our Angel 

Pic Via :[kreativscrapping]

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Our Angel is recreated from and dedicated with special thanks to Aditi Kaistha (A.K) ❤️ see more of her work PaintdazzlePic Credit Amanda P Connect socially with her on Mandy on Fox In Every Ray of the Glistening Summer Sun that Shines Down on Us

And Every Grain of Sand from the Ocean Shores that Shape the Soles of Our Feet

In the Mighty Waves that Roar Higher as they Merge into One and Start All Over As We

The Snow Angels We Make from the Million Flakes that Cover the Peaks

Will our memories linger on, Even after our imprints are gone?

When fresh air and sunshine was just fine

And flowers in her hair made her divine

The Words of the Palmist come True

Wealth; more than gold

Riches; more than notes.

Memories together

Photographs to treasure

And when we pass on to heaven these Words shall be remembered by the tiny feet from you and me.

For Souls see Souls as they are, not by degree nor by stages, through the language of love

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez Get Your Handmade Baby Booties – Made With Love at [crochetbubs]

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