Vairocana at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Singapore.

Satdeep Gill

Vairochana : (“Illuminator”) also called Mahavairochana or Maha-Vairocana; (“Great Illuminator”) The Supreme Buddha

He is also called Dainichi Nyorai (“Great Sun Buddha”), or Roshana; Piluzhena; Rnam-par-snang-mdzad, or Rnam-snang (“Maker of Brilliant Light”).

As the supreme Buddha, his characteristic gesture is the mudra of the six elements, in which the index finger of the left hand is clasped by the five fingers of the right, symbolizing the uniting of the five elements of the material world (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) with the spiritual (consciousness). Read More Here

A.Mudra or attitude of Buddha in Buddha statues

B.Aasana or the way Buddha is seated.

C.Buddha statues in different cultures

Mudra: Mudra in Sanskrit means sign or seal, which usually stand for a hand gesture or posture. Every hand gesture and figure postures means something in Buddhism. And these gestures or mudras are portrayed in Buddha statues. The sole purpose of these gestures is to remind particular notions of Buddhist philosophy in the mind during meditation. These kinds of gestures are also seen in Hindu paintings and statues. Some of the mudras are portrayed by simple hand gestures, whereas other use full body to do so.

Let’s take the example of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The two main labels that have been used to describe Mozart’s nationality are “Austrian” and “German”. However, in Mozart’s own time, these terms were used differently from the way they are used today, because the modern nation states of Austria and Germany did not yet exist. Any decision to label Mozart as “Austrian” or “German” (or neither) involves political boundaries, history, language, culture, and Mozart’s own views. Editors of modern encyclopedias and other reference sources differ in how they assign a label to Mozart (if any) in light of conflicting criteria.

It’s like casting your ballots for a POLL from 2014 to give an Opinion in 2016. Not Relevant !

Stay Present and Be Current

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Competition And The Real Deal 😋

How to flip a negative into a positive by using a celebrity status to create a brand or in Tuna and Dasher‘s case to raise money for animal rescue groups as well as promote a cause.

One can pay to get an Endorsement or can have a famous friend who likes you as a person or a famous friend who just likes what you have to offer and is willing to endorse you sometimes for nothing sometimes for whatever you have to give back and sometimes for a fee.

How to use history and spin a yarn in your favor using another Name


The original Mozart Balls (Mozartkugeln) by Fürst.

The Mozartkugel or Mozart’s ball is a delicious round confection made of marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate that originates from Salzburg.

Paul Fürst, came to Salzburg in 1884 and opened a shop at number 13, Brodgasse. He made Mozartbonbon for the first time in 1890, Naming it after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and later changed the name to Mozartkugeln. He established a company, Fürst, that continues to sell Mozartkugeln.

Since then, similar products have been made by other manufacturers, with a variety of similar recipes both, Hand-made and industrially produced with classes of quality and prices.

The original recipe for Mozartkugeln ishand-made as follows: First, a ball of green pistachio marzipan covered in a layer of nougat is produced. This ball is then placed on a small wooden stick and coated in dark chocolate. The stick is then placed vertically, with the ball at the top, on a platform to allow the chocolate to cool off and harden. Finally, the stick is removed; the hole that it leaves behind is filled with chocolate coating, and the ball is wrapped in tin foil. The balls remain fresh for about eight weeks at room temperature.

Mirabell, the Local Mozartkugel King

Mirabell is from Salzburg and is the biggest local producer of Mozartkugeln. Mirabell does several other sweets in Mozart-style. Prices range widely and it is recommended to get your Mozart Balls Shipped today at Mozartkugel Austrian Supermarket

Probably, the difference between Recommendations and Endorsements.

Probably the best balls in the world.

Visit the place where it all began – The Original Mozartkugel

Probably Carlsberg.

Visit Carlsberg where the Thirst for Great all began.

Pic Via : Carlsberg Dribbelstrecke

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