A Hook For The Catcher’s Idea

“To win the fight you got to have the right strategy and the right resources, because victories don’t come by accident.” War Room

Jiang Taigong

Jiang Shang had once served the Shang king and had come to hate him with all his heart. He was an expert in military affairs and hoped that someday someone would call on him to help overthrow the king. He waited and waited till he was 80 years old, continuing placidly with his fishing in a tributary of the Weihe River (near today’s Xi’an) using a barbless hook or even no hook at all, on the theory that the fish would come to him of their own volition when they were ready.

King Wen of the Zhou state, was in search of talented people. He had been told by his grandfather, the Grand Duke of Zhou, that one day a sage would appear to help rule the Zhou state.

When King Wen saw Jiang Shang, at first sight he felt that he was an unusual old man, and began to converse with him. He discovered that this white-haired fisherman was actually an astute political thinker and military strategist. This, he felt, must be the man his grandfather was waiting for. He took Jiang Shang in his coach to the court and appointed him prime minister and gave him the title Jiang Taigongwang (Hope of the Duke of Zhou). This was later shortened to Jiang Taigong.

Jiang Taigong held the opinion that a country could become powerful only when the people prospered. If the officials enriched themselves while the people remained poor, the ruler would not last long. The major principle in ruling a country should be to love the people; and to love the people meant to reduce taxes labor. By following these ideas, King Wen is said to have made the Zhou state proper very rapidly.

After King Wen died, his son King Wu inherited the throne and decided to send troops to overthrow the King of Shang. But Jiang Taigong stopped him, saying: “While I was fishing at Panxi, I realized one truth- if you want to succeed you needs to be patient. We must wait for the appropriate opportunity to eliminate the King of Shang”. Soon it was reported that the people of Shang were so oppressed that no one dared to speak. King Wu and Jiang Taigong decided this was the time to attack, for the people had lost faith in the ruler. A bloody battle was fought at Muye.

Jiang Taigong charged at the head of the troops, beat the battle drums and then with 100 of his men drew the Shang troops to the southwest. King Wu’s troops moved quickly and surrounded the capital. The Shang King had sent relatively untrained slaves to fight. This, plus the fact that many surrendered or revolted, enabled Zhou to take the capital.

The Shang King set fire to his palace and perished in it, and King Wu and his successors as the Zhou dynasty established rule over all of China. As for Daji, one version has it that she was captured and executed, another that she took her own life. Jiang Taigong was made duke of the State of Qi, which thrived with better communications and exploitation of its fish and salt resources under him.

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These are four creative and functional tea holders inspired by an old Chinese story of Jiang. The strategist used a straight fishhook to fish because he believed that the fish would come to him when they were ready to be caught, so each holder features an abstract Chinese traditional figure, and each “fisherman” comes with a metal fishing pole.

There is no fish wire or bait on the pole because it’s just designed for your favorite tea bag. Using a custom groove, the fisherman can firmly stand on the rim of your cup in order to keep the tea bag in place when it steeps. In addition, each fisherman tea holder measures approx 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches and is made of silicone material which delivers an elegant and minimal design.

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