Gentleman’s T Ratio

2 Parts Powder 
Std pack of 20 KGs Available 

1 Part Hardner 

Std pack of 20 KGs Available

And 1 Putty bucket 

30% Proportion (Available Loose)

60×30/100 = Amount required to seal or cover (something) with putty.

Strange Attractor Magnetic Thinking Putty 

Watch video to do the snake charmers Trick

  • Shatter it
  • Tear it
  • Stretch it
  • Bounce it
  • Sculpt it

Gentleman’s T

No V.A.T Just G.S.T
2% Growth in G.D.P

Add to Cart T’s, Hoodies and more from the Neatoshop

Reads and References :

See Also :

(CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez


4 thoughts on “Gentleman’s T Ratio

  1. This is kudos note to the admin. I came to your Gentleman T | Tysilynsblog page by searching on Google

    Your work is fabulous and really unique in style ! Keep up the good work!


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