Sunshowers Around The Globe 

A sunshower is said to mean that 

A Jackal marries wolf’s wife.

The (one eye) jackal’s wedding

A gypsy wedding is taking place somewhere near.

The wolf’s wedding
Uncle Fox or the (blind) fox is getting married 

Dogs and Foxes are getting married

Foxes are taking bath

The Crow and fox are getting married

The fox and the raven are getting married 

A male tiger gets married to a fox.

The lioness is giving birth.

Leopards are getting married.

A widow’s wedding.

A bear is getting married 
The deer is giving birth.

The hyena is giving birth.

Sun and rain : The poor are getting married. 

Sun and moon : The donkeys are getting married

Ghost Rain or Liquid Sunshine.

The ghosts’ wedding

It rains with the sun, the (female) cat is making love.

Hyenas or monkeys are getting married.

The rain and the sun and the girl’s wedding.

The wedding of a tikbalang is being held.

Mana, which means power, effectiveness and prestige.

The Donkey and Monkey are getting married.

Monkey’s wedding or a wedding for monkeys.

A monkey’s birthday.

Naked Rain

The devil is beating his wife or the devil is beating his wife with a walking stick” because he is angry God created a beautiful day. The rain is said to be his wife’s tears.
The Devil’s daughter is getting married

The devil is kissing his wife. Or the devil is beating his wife and marrying his daughter.

D devil a bang he wife

There is a funfair going on in hell. 

A chicken carnival

The devil is fighting with his wife over a chicken bone.

A zombie is beating his wife for salty food. 

Orphans’ tears”, where the sun is the grandmother drying those tears.

Blind rain, because it doesn’t see that it shouldn’t be raining

The sign of someone who is rich and well known has died in the place where the sunshower happened, so the sky is showing its condolences.

The witches are brushing their hair.

A witch is making butter.

A witch is getting married.

A witch brushes her teeth.

An old woman is getting married.

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