Can You Move This Mountain? 

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Once upon a time there was a village at the foot of a very high, rock mountain. And the mountain was so high it hid the sun all day. The village grew dark and cold and the crops stopped growing, and people were deciding to leave.

So the town gathered and decided to hire someone to move the mountain. They approached big companies that had big equipment, a thousand workers, cranes, bulldozers, big rig trucks… Surely they could tackle this task.

But the big companies laughed at the villagers. “You can not afford us they said!”,  while thinking to themselves – There was not enough money to be made to move such a large mountain for such a small village. And they would not give the villagers the time of day.

Then a little ant presented itself. The villagers laughed at the little ant.

“I’ll move your big mountain for you and let the light shine upon you once more” said the little ant.

The villagers, once they were done laughing, padded the little ant on the head and said: “Sure little ant, sure… Ever moved a rock mountain before?”

“No” said the little ant.

Then pointing to the mountain they asked “Can you move this mountain?, Know how to move a rock mountain?”

“No” said the little ant again “but Yes I can, I am smart and I’m sure I’ll figure it out real fast”…

“But you’re just a little ant. No little ant has ever moved a mountain before.”

“Well I guess I will be the first one to, then.” replied the little ant.

The villagers shrugged and figured that if the little ant was so delusional as to think she could actually move that mountain, to let it take a crack at it. After all she could not hurt anyone by trying, right? Some of the villagers made fun of the little ant and some of them even wanted to squash it. “We hate insects” they said.

The village went back to it’s dull life. The sun never rose and the crops were still dying. Many forgot all about the little ant and it’s willingness to move the mountain.

A few years went by. While everyone in the village was eating, sleeping, getting married, falling in love, partying, snoozing on the couch in front of their TV sets.

The little ant was diligently working away, all alone, night and day and moving grains of dirt after grains of dirt. It was relentless. It never stopped, it never slowed down, it never gave up. It worked through winter, spring, summer, fall and winter came back around and the little ant was still working. A few other insects lent a helping hand to the little ant occasionally. Many got overwhelmed and left, some talked about helping but did nothing and a few others found they simply could not handle the gigantic task and ran away. A little beetle did stick around and helped move pebbles out of the way… But for the most part, the gigantic task still fell on the one little ant’s shoulders.

Many of the villagers now had completely forgotten about the little ant… But a few went to the mountain one day, out of curiosity, and noticed a big chunk of it was now gone.  They watched the little ant moving huge chunks of rock on it’s little back. Each chunk was 20 times the size of the little ant.

So they started to believe in the miracle and started talking about the little ant. Soon people came from all over the area to see the little ant working away.

One morning, the sun peaked over the top of the mountain and one ray of light graced the village. The villagers came out of their houses, puzzled and perplexed. They noticed the mountain had shrunk… On enquiring with the others they came to understand the little ant’s efforts and started believing. They started telling everyone about the little ant and looking forward, everyday, to that little ray of sunlight, increasingly, warming their hearts.

Another year went by and now the sun was pouring more and more each day onto the village…

Finally one day, the mountain was GONE. The villagers celebrated and all were singing “Glory to little ant!”. Crops started growing again and people wanted to move back into the village and the village prospered once more.

So the little ant was summoned into the village and the head honcho then walked up to the ant and said:

“So you moved the mountain, great – but what took you so damn long!?”

Moral of the story: The next jerk who makes a smart comment about me taking three and half year to move the mountain gets kicked in the nut sack.


Oh one last thing: After the head honcho got kicked in the nuts  the rest of the villagers all surrounded the little ant, thanked her and asked:

“But…How did you do it?”

And the little ant simply smiled and said: “Faith, Ants and TNT can move mountains!” ❤

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez


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