Dear Dusk

Dear Dusk,

Gentle your wind blows as you exhale smoke.

The soft subtle shades of Twilight,

diffused colors from the sky,

when the sun is below the horizon.

Dusk, your day ends as the sun blends further into night.

Just a blink and then Youth no more.

Face, no concealed paint nor filtered shades.

Master being 100% natural without a 100% fake test score.

‘Cept for eruptions,

the like from battles between Sky Skell and Llao,

the Legend of Crater Lake.

Another blink and pain in chest from deleting names from Phone Book Life, of those who lay forever sleeping rest.

Passed away, Passed away, and soon you too shall pass away!

Dusk a reminder so, a blink away from darkest night

Came not to mint but was minted, not for one’s own gain.

Who shall inherit the fruit of thy labor ?

Inherit – the one who gained is from the one who was lost in the death that darkness stole from light.

Steal not else’s fruit for thy vain

She is enough !! She is enough !! Says unborn child, seeing selfish reign

Think Through Math, (ttm), Peace Pact

Dusk – Your Life Your Rights!

Dream Home Now

A vow to wow 


Cry Tears,

Goodbye Dust!

The World.

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