Tailored Expression – SWAY 

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A Soul Sister

Not your everyday Common Sole Fish :

Fisherman’s WISDOM STORIES TO LIVE BY tells Woven Souls to


Who do you identify most with, the fisherman or the investment banker?

The flounders was a part of the Sole fish (or a lepo in Konkani) family that used to be called the Soul Fish and on a day of migration they were met by other fish mid stream moving away from home.

They asked the other fish, “where are you headed ?”

We ? We are headed to God’s House… Coming ?

Mocking them and moving in the other direction the Sole responded  “no carry on, we are as we are!”

It was at that moment that God punished them by permanently making their perfect face look like it is mocking, crookedly, thus losing their soul and making them the fish that swam at the bottom of the ocean around the world to remind them to never be vain !

Eye migration : In its life cycle, an adult flounder has two eyes situated on one side of its head, while at hatching one eye is located on each side of its brain. One eye migrates to the other side of the body as a process of metamorphosis as it grows from larval to juvenile stage. As an adult, a flounder changes its habits and camouflages itself by lying on the bottom of the ocean floor as protection against predators. As a result, the eyes are then on the side which faces up. The side to which the eyes migrate is dependent on the species type.

A lucky stone is the unique ear bone or otolith of a Freshwater Drum, also known as the Sheephead Fish. In times past they have been worn as protective amulets, made into jewelry, and traded into areas far from the fish’s native range. Lucky stones (otoliths) have been found at ancient archaeological sites, and are thought to have been used as good luck charms to ward off illness.

This white “stone” is desirable to collectors as the letter L and the letter J appear naturally on these “lucky stones”. The J stones come from the left side of the fish and the L stones come from the right side of the Freshwater Drum.

White snappers (cochude in Konkani) thus carries 7 stones in their head to build a bridge so that you can identify with the Fisherman and the Investment Banker.

Alicia Souza Am a fan ❤️

Simon says he FOUND 13 NUTTIES SWAY in a MASTERPIECE BOX – Stamped Home Mumbai (Cadbury) Nutties.

7 to me 6 to you

Word For The Day:


  1. Struggle or stagger clumsily in mud or water.
  2. struggle mentally; show or feel great confusion.
  3. be in serious difficulty.


  1. a small flatfish that typically occurs in shallow coastal water.
  2. a collective term for flatfishes other than soles.

Sway Back and Forth : A person who doesn’t understand both sides of an issue can’t relate to the side he is trying to sway, so his words will bounce off of them without leaving any impression.”  ― Daniel Willey

The Master said, What is it to sway a kingdom by courteous yielding?

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