Choices : Moving from From Traditional to Modern

The Hidden One was the daughter of the Universe Seizer. She was beautiful, charming and a great scholar and poetess.

She was an ardent lover of Indian Dance Culture.

Once, her father gave her a beautiful camera as a birthday gift. She loved it very very much as it would reflect the world of what she saw years later as a memory. One day her maid was holding the camera to take a pic while she was combing her hair after her bath. The camera slipped from the hand of the maid and broke into pieces. The maid was mortally afraid. She knew that the camera was a precious gift, given to her and how much she loved it. Expect a punishment, she thought. The maid was prepared to accept any punishment and fell at her feet. But she very calmly said with a smile. “Get up. I am glad the instrument of memory is broken. Why worry over the broken camera? Even this body to which all these articles cater is liable to damage and destruction”.

A Re-Write from Abhipsa Mishra Sunday Story Time

A lesson of detachment indeed.

The Ornament of Womankind is Chastity. It was buried in the Garden of Thirty Thousand Trees and the poet and Governor said this;

“Oh Makhfi (Hidden One), it is the path of love and alone you must go.

No one suits your friendship even if Shaykh be taught.”

“Everything is valuable only in two situations …

First, before getting it.

Second, after losing it.

In between we don’t realize the value of anything” said she.

To which he said

“It is only in the case of realizing that ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts my love’, then gently reaching for her with Tender Loving Care he whispered ‘nothing compares to you’.

According to our opinion and choice of The Omnipotent, everybody is equal to everybody else: it doesn’t matter if we are close relatives or strangers.”

“Father paid the princely sum of 30,000 gold pieces to the ustad bi for having taught his cherished daughter well. She was also given a reward of 30,000 gold pieces by her delighted father.”

“A reflection of you in your inbox

At 13 as a child – At 23 in love – At 33 as a parent”

“She looks like a woman draped in a sari – back facing the ocean and her body facing the sky – her left hand holding the Palu – Who is She ?

She invented a woman garment known as Angya Kurti. Who is She?”

TEMPTATION whispered the mind.

A passport is invalid in dhobi ink

White Friday dark horse catch me if you can, catch me by the sea

Class in buckets And Dhobi Caste in buckets

“Washing dirty linen in public has been an ancient thing – Globe Makers know this and print it in all languages”

So by all means wash your dirty linen in public and let SIEMENS hand dryer blow dry your Ps washed stained Ts.

There are many ways to craft

Croatian:Ne možeš imati i jare i pare. You can’t have both the lamb and the money.

Also, Vuk sit, ovce na broju – The wolf is full, the sheep are all accounted for.

I say : Truely, only in the case of buying the lamb if the lamb is a gift then you can have both the lamb and the money.

The Secret

Enjoy the little things God has given

Life not the Corporate Race 🏁

Love not Regional Wealth

Cultural Revolution not Industrial

And let the outcast be an outcast until the Gap has been filled.

Wishing you Good Health

And Free Home Delivery ! WIIFM Technique – What’s in it for me !


In a trial, in a small-town the prosecuting attorney called grandma to the stand.

He approached her and asked; “Mrs. Jones, do you know this man?”

She responded, “No!”

He approached her and asked again “Mrs. Jones, do you know this man?”

She responded again “No!”

The stunned lawyer not knowing what else to do, pointed across the room and asked, – “Mrs. Jones, do you know the defense, Mr. Will B Done?”

To which she responded. “Why, yes, I do know Mr. Will B Done. I’ve known him since he was a young boy, and frankly, he’s a big disappointment to me… so yes I know him but I don’t know the man in front of me today.

Grandma in court further explained her statement, ‘the sun god, Tama-nui-te-rā, had two wives, the Summer Maid, Hine-raumati, and the Winter Maid, Hine-takurua. Haka originated in the coming of Hine-raumati, whose presence on still, hot days was revealed in a quivering appearance in the air. This was the haka of Tāne-rore, the son of Hine-raumati and Tama-nui-te-rā not of my womb.

Then turning to Will she said “You lied, cheated on me, manipulated me and the people who love you, you talk about them behind their backs. You think you’re a big shot when you haven’t the brains to realize you never will amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher Will! Yes, I know you Will, very well now!!!”

She again replied, “Yes, I do. I’ve known Mr. Will B Done since he was a youngster. He’s lazy, bigoted, has a drinking and addiction problem. He can’t build a normal relationship with anyone and detaches himself from those who love him. He cheated on me with three different women. One of them was my own sister. ..Yes I know him.”

The defense attorney almost died. Looking to Will as if to say that an early notification on conceptious bigotry would have helped to give oneself the best chance of snagging the domain of ones dreams.

The judge asked both to approach the bench and in a quiet voice said:

“Do you remember where you first met?

At a party … on Grass … together … thought we had a connection … you fell down in the sand unable to get up … I held your head up as you puked … You were on a High … (Detached from the memory of how I wanted to care for you) … another friend dropped you off – Do you remember our mistake night together ?

“Liar ! Lies ! I’ll send you to jail for contempt of court !!” Said Will.

“Liar ! Lies ! Lies !” As she shouts back … A single tear drop falls down from her cheek and on to a banjo string to creat sound. Heartbreak ! Thinking to herself, What is truth for Paper runs out as does patience.

And with that she says “I’ll send you to jail for conceptious bigotry !!”

Immortality is to feel no pain to lose ones eye of love for humanity and become cold and blind – self centered.

The memories of those whom we loved in our past – and if we hold them close to our hearts then no one can take them apart.

Let our story end together with love

The illusions of choice is that an opportunity is created for change in story when there is a problem seen in current situation.

Smart Move Advice : Sometimes what looks impressive is not really – read fine print labeling carefully always ❤️

There’s always a catch but you’ve got to see if you are winning too

For this is true the pen is indeed mightier than the sword as Neesha says you have a choice with a stroke of the pen on the dotted line; you can end something beautiful or start something great, either way look at it with good hope and good heart a new good home.





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