Time Out Chair

Buy a Time Out Custom Made to Order Chair in Exchange for Good Will of honest, unbiased opinion in this post.

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Here’s How to DIY Makeover a Naughty Boy Stool

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Today I learned that things happen when they have to happen. Neither late nor early. That giving everything does not mean that you will receive everything. That a good sowing does not mean a good harvest. That the moments are short and that’s why you have to enjoy them. That tears do not deserve them who makes them cry. That love can not be forced and comes when you least expect it. That there may be friends who are family and family that are only known. In short, I learned that life is only a matter of living it with love, honor values ​​and faith. Many small people in small places doing small things we can change the world.

What Do You Usually Eat For Breakfast ?

Ice Cream

You Scream

We all Scream

For Ice Cream

But Not Right Now For This Little Princess.

Because a Princess Who Throws a Fit is a Naughty Girl Who Needs To Sit

Find Home

Faster Than You Chase the Ice Cream Truck


Not Until You Pick Up Truck

Because a Naughty Boy

Who Kicks and Shouts

Should take Time to Think Things Out

Pic Via : TheWhoot Pic Via : [TheWhoot]

Pic Via : [SwirlyTwirlyDesigns]

That all good things follow you,

I hug you hold you and stay with you (and whatever else passes by), I fight with you cause I love you sooo much.

Application :

Research has established that 15 minutes is the maximum time that a child should be kept in time out from reinforcers. However, shorter durations may be just as effective for behavior change.

For this disciplinary technique to be most effective and to produce the desired results, the child should be old enough to sit still and is required to remain there for a fixed period. Evaluate each situation to determine what may be causing the misbehavior, such as a toy, frustration, hunger, or lack of sleep, and then address any underlying needs before a punishment contingency should be used. Any time they are trying to reduce a problem behavior, parents should be sure that they are also teaching and reinforcing the desired replacement behavior.

Clearly explain to the child why the child is being put in time out, and what the child needs to do to return to the reinforcing environment/be let out of time-out (but too much explanation can reinforce the unwanted behavior as a result of “misplaced adult attention”).

It is suggested that Time-out should remain brief, a general guideline: the length of time that the child should remain in time-out should correlate with the child’s age – each of year of the child’s age constitutes one minute in time-out.

All punishment procedures can evoke other problem behaviors, damage rapport, or evoke escape or avoidant behaviors. For this, and other ethical reasons, behavior analysts exhaust all options for using differential reinforcement and/or extinction procedures to reduce problem behavior, before considering the use of punishment procedures.

Think Tank Pointers :

  • Think about what rule was broken
  • Think about what your could have done instead
  • Apologize
  • And always remember I love You

Reads and References:

(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez


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