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110th Legacy Collection Mushu and Cri-Kee Mulan Pin – $19.95

Mulan’s ”lucky cricket” Cri-Kee and ”guardian dragon” Mushu enjoy a moment of bonding on this pin inspired by Disney’s 36th animated feature film, Mulan. Swing Cri-Kee back and forth to shower more luck on your Disney pin collection!

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A guy called his girlfriend for a night out.

The Girl came with 5 more friends but He did not Mind at All.

As they Sat down, The guy left for a short call.

As he was coming back, he heard his girlfriend telling her friends,

“You people should order for expensive food and drinks such that he spends all the money he has & do not leave me with this ugly guy at night.

I know he will demand me for sex & I have no where to take this rubbish.”

The Guy pretended as if he heard nothing then he Sat down.

They ordered for everything they wanted.

When they were about to finish eating the guy pretended as if he was talking on the phone & went away.

The waiter brought the bill and they had nothing to pay.

Their shoes, phones, rings and necklaces were taken from them.

The Question Posed by 👓 is ………

Did The Guy Do The Right Thing By Not Paying The Bill??


(CC) 2016 Tysilyn Fernandez


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