Caerus was the personification of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. 

Caerus is represented as a young and beautiful god. Opportunity never gets old, and beauty is always opportune, flourishing in its own season. Caerus stands on tiptoe because she is always running, and like Hermes, has wings in her feet to fly with the wind. She holds a razor, or else scales balanced on a sharp edge—attributes illustrating the fleeting instant in which occasions appear and disappear. 

Ask the proverbial question: “Who makes the thief? For just as Hermes has been taken to be the protector of thieves, Opportunity has been called their maker. 
Caerus has a bad influence in the matter of thefts, humans spent huge resources and efforts in perfecting locks and keys and passwords and every kind of safety measures, with the help of which they hope to outwit Opportunity. But as they lock some doors they inevitably leave others open. And as expected, the god goes on flying as swiftly as ever, providing amazing surprises to everyone, and making not only thieves but also lovers. In addition, she produces every kind of such humans as are nicknamed “opportunists” on account of their ability to quickly seize whatever advantage the great seducer Caerus appears to offer them.

Caerus can easily be seized by the hair hanging over her face when she is arriving. But once she has passed by, no one can grasp her, the back of his head being shaved. The moment of action is gone with her hair: a neglected occasion cannot be recovered. 

Opportunity herself, she melts into softness if caught by the forelock, but once she has raced by, she assumes her hard nature and seldom grants a second chance.


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