Loved by you, Delivered by us

Sandra always loved to be like her neighbor Susan.

Sandra was the perfect wife, she cooked the most scrumptious meals for her family and had her own garden of herb, vegetables and fruits, for which she sold most of her produce at the town market.

Susan tried very much to do her best in the kitchen with the little she had as she, a single parent was always under pressure in maintaining her home on a single income. She tried growing basil and in a few weeks it withered and had worms fester the plant.

Sandra had the best grown fruits, plums red and juicy and so Susan decided to grow them and asked Sandra for tips.

With a lot of pruning, and care she seeded her 1st ever batch of plums. Unfortunately the first batch became mouldy, the same with the second and the third until she gave up.

Susan was a master at making bottled jams, jellies and preserves, perfect for sharing with loved ones.

One day Sandra went over to Susan’s house and said

“Susan you have the most amazing jams, jellies and preserves. If only we could use all my produce in excess to make jams, jellies and preserves – You could be making an additional income for your babies”.

To which Susan said – “it is not so much what I make of leftovers but I have always envied you and thought that your, fruits, vegetables and herbs were so much more a perfection. I have always wanted to grow my own to save cost on purchase … but have always failed … but your idea makes so much sense.

How do we go about Sandra?”

“Big Flavors, Small Prices Desserts and Sweet Treats – and since you love to Share, we shall and we are going to start our very own store to help us sell the cream of the crop from the fresh produce and delicious dishes to order a feast that’s perfect for tearing and sharing which reflect’s you. So now there’s no need to throwaway excess of the days labour.”

The Difference Between :

Preserves is a term often used to describe all fruit spreads, but can also refer to a specific type. It’s made up of large chunks or whole fruits that are cooked in sugar until they are soft and then put into a firm jelly or less-gelled syrupy base.

Jam is made out of mashed fruits, sugar, and a little bit of pectin, a substance that makes everything gel and stick together. Jam also contains fruit juice, giving the sweet goo an almost opaque appearance. While not chunky like preserves, jam is typically more solid and substantial than jelly. According to the FDA, for a jar to be labeled as jam, it needs to have a “soluble-solids content” of 65 percent or greater.

Jelly is the most translucent of the bunch and more likely to be found in a child’s lunchbox. It uses more pectin than jam in order to obtain its gel-like quality. Generally, the fruits are cooked much longer when making jelly. The essence of the flavor is captured as a result of longer cooking times. There are no bits of fruit in jelly—the cooked fruit juice is filtered through a muslin stockinette or jelly bag to give it that see-through appearance.

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